Jul 15

So What Will Happen…

When All of Us Women Say Yes to God?  All 17,000 of us. All of us from more than 106 different countries. What do you think will happen?

What Will Happen? Yes 2 God Future

Share your dreams of what saying yes to God will look like in the comment section. Just click the word “Comments” at the bottom of this post.

Each person who shares will be entered to win a Lysa TerKeurst Book Pack including the books, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith, and Am I Messing Up My Kids?  

****Our winner from our Social Media Post is: Deb, email beginning walkerranch1.  Email Angie@Proverbs31.org with your mailing address and phone number. We will send your book in the mail and schedule a time so we can have a chat! I can’t wait to talk to you Deb!!!!

I’m counting down the days until our study begins! (Just 13 short days!)



  1. Saying “YES!” to God will mean complete and total FREEDOM!

  2. Donna J says:

    My dreams of saying “YES” to God will mean complete healing, no longer being afraid for my son in prison (because he will be home), and having my family restored; meaning both my children living for the Lord again…all because they see what saying “YES” to God has done for me.

    • Barbara Prince (OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Team says:

      Yes, Donna, God is in the business of restoring broken people. He is a loving Father and so wants His children all to be safe in Him. I’m praying that during this OBS your faith will grow stronger than it has even been and that joy will fill your heart and your home.

  3. Melanie says:

    I am so excited. I agree with Amy – total Freedom will come when we say Yes to God plus even more. When we say Yes to God, the skies the limit as to what He can and will do. Honestly, I have forgotten how to dream for myself. Oh I have had big dreams for my family – I have a great husband and two wonderful kids and the dreams I have for them are happening – my son just finished his first year of college and my daughter is a wonderful student and a beautiful (inside & out) teenage girl. But what are my dreams – where do I see me? I am going into a new season of life that I will be honest is a little scary. As I take time to grow in my relationship with Christ and really listen & say Yes, I believe those dreams will start coming to life. The plans God has in store for me will be revealed. One of our church elders is always saying God has a plan & purpose only you can do. As I learn to say Yes to God, I believe I will find that purpose. That is exciting!!!!!

    • Barbara Prince (OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Team says:

      God is ready to reveal His purpose for your future and you say “yes” to Him. I know that God see how open your heart is to Him and He will fill with Himself. We are all on a great journey!

  4. Saying “Yes” to God, means more of Him & less of me! Turning my will over to Him means total freedom & ultimate joy.

  5. Miranda says:

    with 17,000 women from 6 countrys sign up to say yes to God I dream that we all will unite and bring revival acorss the map. Oh what joy that would be for us all. we are truly showing our love for God

    • Yes Miranda – my thoughts exactly. Imagine if we united and let Jesus do what he does….

      • Barbara Prince (OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Team says:

        Jen and Mirandia, I see now how Jesus is building up His Body, one person at a time. Each of us are learning to follow Him and allow Him to have His way as we say “yes.”

  6. Melissa Perez says:

    I really feel lost and I want to know that everything I am doing is in fact lead and guided by the holy spirit to put me in God’s will for my life. I feel very unsatisfied with myself and know this negative thinking and doubting is not of God! But my human emotions do get the best of me at times! I have a deep desire to want to hear God and recognize him and I am hoping this OBS is the start to a better relationship between me and God!

    • Donna Harris (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      They get to all of us on occasion Melissa. God is always the best place to start. SO you are well on your way. Saying a prayer for you.

    • Angie Camerlinck says:


      I feel the same way as you do. I feel like I need to control everything and when things don’t go the way I want them to go then I feel angry and very upset and I know that God would not want me to be feeling or acting this way.

      I also experience and am experiencing the unsatisfied feeling a lot. I feel like I am not giving my children enough and that they need more but I don’t know how to give them more. When in reality they are just fine they way they are.

      I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  7. Jane Roach says:

    Days that are worry free, calm, and fulfilling! Fulfilling God’s plan and perfect will for each of us who choose to say YES! I can’t wait!!!!!!

  8. Brenda Roberson says:

    We can show the world what it means to be really free and unafraid of what will happen in the future. “If The Lord is for me, who can be against me…”

  9. transformation …. some if it will be slow to come and quiet and noticed by only the changed one, some will be immediate and everyone around will notice, exciting!

  10. Patricia Davey says:

    Say Yes to God for me will mean making a stronger commitment to God and bring my family back together

  11. Kristen S. says:

    I think there will be so much peace within all of us and hopefully we will be able to pass that peace and the love of God on to others. With this many women participating, I think there will be a huge impact on those around us! I can’t wait!

  12. With this study, I believe each lady will feel a freedom from themselves. And through this we All will move mountains.

  13. Lots of new girlfriends and sisters to share the journey! New understandings, lives changed, God glorified.

    • Donna Harris (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Never a truer statement has been made. There are so many women in this study! All we have to do is step out and embrace them.

  14. Being filled with Him and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

  15. Deborah Dennis says:

    When women say yes to God, peace will reign over fear and anxiety, relationships will be healed, time will not be wasted but redeemed, opportunities to share God will not be passed by, our true selves will be revealed,,,the beauty of God will shine in our faces whether we feel joy, peace, grief, mourning, or rejoicing..writing this as a good friend of mine passed away last night in his forties…although he was diagnosed with cancer just over a month ago..he said yes to God last night…

  16. Sheila Boling-Hayden says:

    Freedom in Christ… for me…. and my daughters…. teaching them that total reliance on God and having faith even when you are terrified of what he calls you to do is the only way to have complete freedom. This will bring changes in not just them but in their daughters when God blesses them with them and on down for generations to come…..
    As for the difference that all these woman saying yes to God will make ….. it will allow us to be the vessels he can use to change lives…. I see an ocean of woman rolling like the tide and each time it hits the shoreline a new creation happens 😀

  17. I think it will lead to healing, freedom, and the ability to believe that I am becoming the woman God made me to be. He is greater than any problems I can face. I think it means me leaning on Him and trusting Him more.

  18. A deeper understanding and stronger commitment to God. I’m learning to give it all to him and I know that this will help with that journey!

  19. Lisa Richardson says:

    If we all say yes to God we could change this crazy world . God could use us to save millions!!! Yes!!!!! Let’s say Yes to God!!!!

  20. Angie Camerlinck says:

    Saying yes to God means that I am releasing all my worries to him and let him guide me to the things he wants me to do. To stop worrying so much about things that are out of my control all the time also. There are many things we can not control but yet we let it get the best of us and try to control everything. If we would just say “Yes, Lord I know you are in control and that you have everything handled” more then we might be a more relaxed world knowing that everything is in his control.

  21. Paula Lloyd says:

    Saying YES to God will mean a closer walk with Him and a better understanding for what he has planned in my life. I feel as if I am adrift and this can help me to anchor and guide me in the right direction.

  22. Ashley Thomas says:

    Saying “YES” to God will allow me to become more aware of His presence in my daily life. It will open the doors to the life that He has in store for me and allow me to make a bigger contribution to His kingdom. I will have the peace that I am longing for!

  23. FREEDOM! I anticipate a boldness like I’ve never had before – a boldness to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and opportunities to reach others that I never would have before. This is my prayer and I believe God is going to work miracles through this study! SO EXCITED!!!

  24. Annette says:

    We will feel the peace and freedom from God. God will show His almighty powerful through our lives. I went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico two weeks ago. I said, Yes, to God and stepped out of my comfort zone. I’m ready to go again and show His love and grace. It’s the most amazing feeling!

  25. Tammy Miller says:

    Total transformation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barbara Prince (OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Team says:

      Tammy, that total transformation is going to come as we keep saying “yes” to God. I believe you will see transformation; I believe I will too.
      Be bless my sister.

  26. This is going to be an awesome Bible Study! So many lives will be changed and God will be glorified. Getting closer to God and understanding His Word is my biggest goal. I want to shine His light for others to see and for my grandkids to follow!

  27. Laura Shapiro says:

    I believe it will set us on a path of seeking His ways, His plans and His daily direction through prayer, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
    Wow, I cannot believe the number of women enrolled!

  28. Jessica walker says:

    Saying YES TO GOD will mean peace, love, ams happiness all the time!! For so many of my family, friends, and everyone else in need!!

  29. Saying “YES” to God will mean a deeper more powerful relationship than I can ever imagine! It will mean more of God and less of me! It will truly bring a freedom! I am beyond excited to start this journey!!

  30. Michele says:

    Saying yes to God will change this world, it will bring us together instead of feeling as if we are competing with each other. It will set the example for young women who may otherwise not know of God or His goodness. It will transform our sons and husbands into men God wants them to be because we are being an example of the Proverbs-31 woman. So ladies let’s all say yes to God, we only have our future ahead of us and how wonderful it can and will be. Bless you all for deciding to say yes now :-)

  31. Pam Luckie says:

    Saying YES TO GOD means, more of him and less of me resulting in a new freedom and peace.

  32. Valerie says:

    I can only imagine how much more blessed my life will get. There is no limit to God’s miracles, especially for those who obey God. What does it look like for me? I’m imagining that abundant life that so many people talk about, and few experience. I’m imagining an inner peace that quiets my outer storm…

  33. Kecia Fowler says:

    I believe with with 17,000 of us from 106 different countries along with God’s presence, we are going to make big things happen. With alot of Hope, Faith & Prayers, we can make a difference in this world. I am very excited to get this started.

  34. Saying “Yes” to God, means letting my selfish nature go and living for him. No more fear or anxiety and believing everything that happens, good or bad is for a reason that God has my best interests at heart.

    • Barbara Prince (OBS Small Group Leader/Prayer Team says:

      Casey, you are so right. God does always have only good plans for those who will say “yes” and surrender to Him in total trust and faith. I’m praying for you to experience Him in a very real way in your life during this study.

  35. Yolanda says:

    Peace! Knowing that I am aligning my will with God’s will.

  36. Janet Volpe says:

    When all of us say Yes to God that will be the beginning of the Revival promised by God in His Word. I am so excited to be a part of God’s work in this time.

  37. Saying YES! will mean surrendering my plans and stepping out into life following the plan that God has put in my heart.

  38. I will be able to walk better in blind faith than I ever have before!!!!

    • Donna Harris (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      That is a wonderful goal. Always in the Spirit! Praise God!!!

  39. TONYA LAIRD says:

    Saying yes to God will mean freedom spiritually, emotionally, physically and praying financially. I’m a single mother and struggle with everyday situations with my teenage daughter alone and finances alone. I’m not alone so saying yes to God will open some many other avenues…Can’t wait!

  40. Saying Yes to God will mean turning my life over to God. I think back on my life and all the different directions that it has gone in and I know that the things I’ve gone through are God’s plan for me, and I’ve seen God working in my life. Saying Yes to God will continue my journey to strengthen my faith in God and know he is in control.

  41. Janet Worthy says:

    When women say yes to God, the framework of our world will begin to change for the “better”! Women run the home, where leaders are built and the future is molded:)

  42. Giving it all to Him!!
    Can’t wait to share with you all!!

  43. Andrea McCracken says:

    Saying yes to God means living the full potential God has for our lives. Saying yes to God means saying yes to His will and not our own. Letting Him lead us as His sheep. He knows better than we ever will. We should rely not on our own understanding but on His alone. This will bring about peace and happiness. My dream is that saying yes will change my life and the life of people around me for the better.

  44. Lynnette says:

    Truly saying yes to God would mean a much closer relationship with Himas well as freedom from worries, sins and unneeded distractions. America and the world could be changed if every woman said yes to God!

  45. Being worry-free, knowing I can release my worries and “rest” in God!!

  46. Theresa says:

    My dream:
    *Weight Control, as I have struggled my whole adult life.
    *Grace receiving/ giving appropriately
    *Unconditional Love

    These are a few things I day dream about…but I can see in yielding (being a doer not just a dreamer) to the Lord in one area will be obedience in many… flowing in the Fruits of the Spirit…I want to be known as “bearing fruit” grafted into the branch of Life!

  47. Raymie Holland says:

    I believe saying yes to God will break my chains of worry over things in my life I can’t control. I worry about my family, the finances, the kids, my job, etc…. I know He is in control but I am hoping this study of “saying yes to God” will allow me the freedom to truly live the life God has created for me!

  48. Valerie says:

    Peace–peace that can come only from God, the kind that quiets our inner trembling and turmoil. Peace that can cause us to smile and move gracefully forward in complete and total surrender to God.

  49. Jeanie Kelley says:

    What saying yes to God means to me saying no to everything else. Saying no to the world, to the devil, to things that are not in complete obedience to what God says. Granted there are things I need to do around here like wife duties, but that I know is pleasing to God.

  50. fonda1957 says:

    Saying YES will change my life and everyone I encounter….so ready for this and excited to see what GOD does!!