Jul 15

So What Will Happen…

When All of Us Women Say Yes to God?  All 17,000 of us. All of us from more than 106 different countries. What do you think will happen?

What Will Happen? Yes 2 God Future

Share your dreams of what saying yes to God will look like in the comment section. Just click the word “Comments” at the bottom of this post.

Each person who shares will be entered to win a Lysa TerKeurst Book Pack including the books, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith, and Am I Messing Up My Kids?  

****Our winner from our Social Media Post is: Deb, email beginning walkerranch1.  Email Angie@Proverbs31.org with your mailing address and phone number. We will send your book in the mail and schedule a time so we can have a chat! I can’t wait to talk to you Deb!!!!

I’m counting down the days until our study begins! (Just 13 short days!)



  1. My dreams of what Saying Yes to God looks like: knowing when I die that I lived out God’s will; a legacy of Christ’s love, truth and salvation left behind; hearts and minds of woman transformed for God’s kingdom; published books; a family with more children naturally and/or through adoption; my children growing up knowing and loving the Lord; a husband who sees his wife as a Proverbs 31 woman…

  2. Saying yes is still something I am really struggling with. My dream for this is that “yes” will become second nature to me and that through that I can lead my husband to say yes to God. Also so that I can lead my baby girl to God and know I’m bringing her up in the right way.

    • Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

      Praying with you Jenny for your husband and baby girl to know and love Jesus and that you will experience Him in a new way through this study and that your walk with Him will grow more deeply!! ♥

  3. My dream for saying yes to God is that by saying yes to God I will be able to say yes to my husband and be the Godly wife, God created me to be, no matter what my husbands attitude is. Also that I will learn what muy mistrys is and do what ever God ask of me , to make that ministry the best it can be.

    • I understand what you’re saying. We’re on the right track,Laina. I think the first thing God needs is a willing heart.

  4. Saying yes to God will teach me how to live my life fully for him. It will teach me to be the best wife and mother I can be. How to raise children who love Jesus. It will teach me to serve and love others as Christ loves us.

  5. By saying yes to God, we will be more effective in the kingdom. I believe that saying yes will increase my faith and confidence that “I can do all things through Christ.” I am looking forward to this study. God bless!

  6. My hopes for Saying Yes to God are along the lines of Romans 12:2 and renewing my mind so I can be transformed. I want to be that gateway in which I can set an example for my children to want to know Christ and inspire my husband to continue seek God with a passion so he too can lead our children to a relationship with Him.

  7. Lisa Earnest says:

    My dream is to hear God’s voice and feel his direction for my life. I so want this!!

  8. Arlene S says:

    Saying YES, will grow my relationship with God and I will be be able to hear His voice. i long for a closeness I have not yet acquired!

  9. My vision of saying yes to God? God will work through me in my field of influence to motivate someone else to say yes. All these women saying yes? A movement of God’s Spirit across the land….like we have never seen before.

    It is so easy to become Spiritually dull in a rural setting. I think that’s where I am right now. Saying yes will, I pray, sharpen me and make me shine again with His light.

  10. Lori A. says:

    Saying yes to God says saying no to things not of him and being more dependent on him instead of me.

  11. Lynne Brunner says:

    Saying Yes to God will completely change my life. God has put this in my life for a reason and I always believe His plan is huge. So I am saying yes to God in this study to be submissive to His plan for my life. I am ready!

  12. My dream of saying yes to God is being fully submissive to God at all times and in all ways without second guessing anything or anyone.

  13. Saying Yes to God to me means that I am living in His will. I want to live my life here in a way that Christ shines through me. I want to hear “Well done my good and faithful servant” when I reach my eternal destination. To do that means to live in His will and say “Yes” to Him.

  14. Julianna Bullard says:

    My dream to saying “yes, God” is that I will hear his voice. I truly want to know what it is God wants me to do with my life, not just what I think I should be doing for God. I want to hear from God how to be a better woman, mother, friend, and sister.

  15. Hannah W says:

    My dream of what saying yes to God looks like would be this ultimate feeling of peace. Kind of like gliding through life and all it’s troubles and glories and not being anxiety ridden and just giving praise in both ways knowing I’m following a divine path. It sounds amazing!

  16. My dream of saying yes to God, would be that one yes at a time from one woman at a time, ongoing would grow the power of “the body of Christ” exponentially to bring an amazing revival to our world for the Kingdom of God.

  17. As I read through everyone’s comments I see so much of what I am looking for as well. I want to know more and more of what it means to put Jesus first at all times so that I can be the Mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, co-worker He needs me to be. To serve others toward Jesus. I want to learn to be kinder to myself and to accept the grace and friendship the Lord offers but is often hard to see. I want to be “transformed by the renewal of my mind.” I believe that when women say yes to God, families will be transformed for God’s glory and that the ripple effect in our churches, communities and places of work will be outstanding. Our husbands need our unconditional love and support to be strong, healthy and God fearing leaders and only through Christ will we ever be able to obtain such a frame of mind and heart.

  18. vickie gravley says:

    What about when you not only are messing up your kids but have already
    messed them up, then what? (Sid e note: I HAVE SAID YES TO GOD and am
    Believing and doing what I have already said in my heart.) Found answer to my own question in my side note. How funny! Lol. VICKIE

  19. Saying yes, again, would mean having a successful second marriage, unlike my first. It would mean helping to raise my grandchildren in the Lord. It would mean sharing with younger women the lessons I have already learned. It would mean learning more lessons as God works in my life.

  20. When 17,000 women say YES to God, lives will be changed, families will be changed, neighborhoods will be changed, communities will be changed….and ALL for GOOD. Can’t wait to see these transformations start!

  21. I don’t know what it will look like, but I know it probably won’t look the way we expect it to. I was reading a chapter this morning about Holy Spirit empowering the early church and sending out missionaries; the point was made that HE decides when and where — one missionary felt called to China but stayed in England, another thought he was headed to India and wound up in Burma, et cetera. So what will happen? We all get ready for the adventure of our lives!

  22. I hope by Saying YES to GOD there will be a new transformation happen in my live and my family life. God will pour out more his wisdom upon us and use us to be a transformer in this fallen world. Let us be an impact maker to others and let the light of Jesus will shine through us who is being called a daughter/sister/mother/wife and woman in Jesus Christ.

  23. A simple fact is that individuals, families, & cities will change when 17,000 women decided to say “Yes!” To God. My personal prayer is that by making this first step (by saying Yes to this study) I will continue to answer God’s personal call to me and say Yes to him without the inner wrestling and second guessing of God’s desire for my life.

  24. Kim Frost says:

    I think saying yes to God will fill my emptiness. It will open up my eyes to a more fulfilling life without feeling like there is something I am missing.

  25. Mary B (OBS FB leader) says:

    finding my place in our new community… knowing that what ever God has planned, as hard as it was to quit my teaching job and church children’s leader job to move with my husband to our new church where he has been called, I know God has a plan for me too. :) That is what saying YES means to me.

  26. I think my saying yes to God would allow me to witness more to those around me. I think saying yes to God would lead to a deeper walk with Him as I draw nearer to Him through my obedience.
    M. Waters

  27. Danielle W says:

    My dream of saying Yes to God would be living a life in which I get out of the way and allow God to use me to accomplish His purpose. Not my will, but His!

    • Mary B (OBS FB leader) says:

      that is not easy to do either Danielle! I have to remind myself of that ALL THE TIME! A good prayer for everyone to start the day with I think!

  28. Diana D says:

    To me, saying yes to God is giving up control and that is a very hard thing for me to do. Struggling….. :(

    • Mary B (OBS FB leader) says:

      You are not alone in that struggle, I pray you can find peace in letting go of control through this study.

  29. Carolyn S says:

    Peace…a peace that passes all understanding will come over us as we follow His will. No more struggling to know if we are doing the right thing. Letting go of “my plans” is the hard part for me. I know his plans are best for me, but I want it “my way” because I don’t want to be uncomfortable. I am looking forward to the study to help me get closer to His will for my life.

  30. Jennifer R says:

    My dream of what Saying Yes to God will look like me being true to myself by having more self-esteem and this will happen by allowing God to take the number one spot in my life…not kids and family. I will appreciate the blessings that God has set before me and enjoy them.

  31. Yasmin R says:

    Saying “yes” to God is something I seem to be afraid of. This past Sunday out youth group led worship. The speaker asked, “Are you afraid of God’s goodness?” I didn’t know what he meant until I started thinking about it deeply. I had stopped attending church because my daughter, who is 4, wasn’t really behaving. But was it really me trying to stay away?

    I am a remarried woman. I always struggled with knowing God forgave me for the divorce. I felt I was not worthy of His love. I’m hoping that I will accept God’s goodness, that I can lead my current husband to God, as well as my two youngest. Praise God my oldest accepted Christ into her life last year at age 8!

  32. When we say yes to God…I believe that He will move in us like never before. Saying yes includes surrendering all things that are not in line with His will. Surrendering things allows us to be ready and able to receive the unimaginable blessings that God has in store for us!! Praise the Lord, I say YES!!!

  33. Linda Watson says:

    What would if we all said YES to God…….OMGoodness what a world this would be. If everyone would say yes and follow Him life would be so much better for all of us. I try to say yes everyday to Him and when I do that day is so much BETTER than the last one. God Bless

  34. Saying Yes to God would give Him so many more opportunities to love others through us–by being a listening ear to someone, a shoulder to cry on, a friend who doesn’t stop praying and believing, a wife/mother/sister/aunt/grandma/daughter… who loves unconditionally, and just about anything or anyone He needs us to be at any given moment. Saying Yes would enable Him to deeply and personally touch so many more lives in beautiful ways, including our own!

  35. Gwen Bauer says:

    I’m excited to find out what it will look like. But I’m hoping it feels peaceful. My life will never be perfect, but a little more peaceful and assured that God is in control is amazing!

  36. Saying YES TO GOD means that I will and have put all my trust in the LORD! I will go to Him with ALL my concerns whether good, bad or indifferent! GOD will never forsake me or lead me into the wrong direction. Trust in the LORD with ALL my HEART!!

  37. Saying Yes to God, would mean, that I can do all things in him, share my testimony, love, and do all he asks of me, being the Women he wants me to be, doing whatever he asks, even though at times, I feel afraid, probably because I look at my weakness instead of his strengths….

    Saying Yes to God, is knowing, that when I die, or go to his presence when he calls for his church, I will be before the presence of the Lover of my Soul… and he will say to me ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ – and I can Yes to my Lord!!

  38. Nikki B. says:

    In the present moment me saying yes to God involves being mentored and accepting an invitation to be a table leader at a Gideon Bible Study this Fall at my church. Since getting ready for this study, I have read Chapter 1 twice, and in that time I’ve been presented with an opportunity to be say yes to God, step out of my comfort zone, and hopefully be a blessing and a light shining for Him. Right now our church is doing a series on Testing of Adversity, Surrender and Obedience, so over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing and feeling God’s prompting and call! <3

  39. I remember when I was going through an unexpected and painful divorce. I asked the Lord how to handle this and He told me to treat my former spouse with compassion. When I spoke to a friend about it they reminded me, “Cheryl, when all is said and done the most important thing will be that you can say to the Lord, ‘Father I did everything you asked of me'” I am currently a published author, conference speaker and host of an annual women’s conference: Surrendered Women. This year the Lord told me to prepare for an adventure in Him and to come swim with Him. I replied that I can’t touch the bottom. He responded I didn’t need to, I just needed to rest in Him. Saying yes to God on a deeper level would mean completely abandoning all of my preconceived ideas about life, ministry, etc. But it would awaken me to an adventure like never before. It is a dangerous occupation to say yes to a God you cannot tame, manipulate or box in … but a thrilling and life-giving one as well. I’m looking forward to this new phase of my journey.

  40. Michelle says:

    Saying yes to God is me getting out of my own way and letting God have complete control over my life! I trust in God and His will for my life, but sometimes letting go of that control is hard!! I want to say YES to all HE offers, not what I think I can give myself.

  41. Shannon Beal says:

    When all of us women say YES to God, I’m positive the first thing that is going to happen is satan becomes very afraid! The last thing he would want is for a large group of women to become more grounded and obedient in GOD. We already are in charge of so much on the earth and in our day to day activities; can you imagine when we ALL gain a better understandIng of what ‘yes’ to GOD allows us to do. Yep, hell will tremble. So excited about this OBS – it’s my first one!!

  42. Saying yes to God for me is putting my complete trust in Him. As much as I hate to admit I really struggle with trusting God and my lack of trust causes me a lot of fear and anxiety. It is also hard to be obedient at times too because of my lack of trust. I want to totally submit to God and trust Him, but it is such a struggle for me.

  43. Brittany Baker says:

    Saying Yes to God to me would be knowing that the direction I am heading in, is the correct one. Also that if my season is to be still, that I can know that and be content. I want to serve Him and know Him better then before!

  44. Patricia Ann Cox says:

    I just started going to church this year with my family. I’m going all in this time, o feel right at home here at FIRST BABTIST CHURCH of rushville, Indiana. I’ve done a Bible study thru the church and I’m a member of the church choir. I love it. I say yes to God everyday. By doing this he has showed me the way thru my darkest hours. I will now and always say yes to God.

  45. Saying Yes to God is for me to be walking out His will for my life. The close relationship that I have cultivated with the Lord in the last 7 years have only strengthened my faith and allowed be to use my gift of encouragement to help others come to the Lord. I am not sure where God is leading me next in my life or exactly what He wants me to learn, but I want to be the person that says Yes God, Here I am, Use Me! without thinking about it or hesitating, just Here I Am! Everytime I become involved in a Bible Study, I always push through and I always grow~I can’t wait to see what God has for my life now!

  46. need to think this all over a bit more (“this” being saying yes) but off the top of my head I would say that as I say “yes” to God I would pray my relationship with HIM would deepen & that if it’s His will, He would allow my time in the valley to end for this has been my prayer for more than 6 years. ~Blessings~

  47. Rebecca says:

    Somehow, learning how to surrender completely to God by saying yes to Him, will give me the strength to endure a hopelessly, failing marriage…

    • Rebecca~ I just had to reply b/c I mentioned my “valley” in my comment & my valley is my troubled marriage. I am going to pray for you right now b/c although I don’t know your exact situation I do know what having marriage struggles can do to a woman. sending a prayer on your behalf to our Heavenly Father right now. Hope that you can feel His arms around you each day and His love surrounding you~ LRF

  48. Saying yes to God will teach me to be more strong and get out from my depression and anxieties. My dream is to feel more confidence and increase my faith. I want to be a better woman as a mother, daughter, sister friend and wife. I just want to transform my entire life for better, and help other people like OBS is helping me. I just want to get out of my depression and anxieties and is to hard but God can help me. God bless you.

  49. Jennifer Mobley says:

    Saying “YES” with 16,999 other ladies!!!! I can’t wait! Oh what a joy it will be just knowing that there’s that many ladies from 106 different countries putting cultural, racial, and whatever other differences we have aside and just worshiping and learning and loving Jesus as one body! My heart is beating a little faster just thinking about the impact that this could have on the Kingdom!


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