Jul 16

Meet the OBS Team~

It’s hard to believe that in January, 2011, I wanted to host a little online Bible study on my blog. I invited a few friends to join me in studying Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. I thought maybe 25-50 would join me. Maybe. Much to my surprise, 2,500 people joined me for that “little” study.

Back then it was just me. Just me on my blog. If someone would have told what was ahead, I would NEVER have believed them. Fast forward to today~

Today I don’t just lead a study, I’m the director of a world-wide community. And no longer is it just on my  blog, but we are also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. 88,000 ladies from over 106 countries have joined our little OBS in the past couple years. We have 59 Facebook small groups with leaders.  We have 10 team leaders. We have a prayer team. We have a teaching team, social media team, core team, and even an executive assistant (who we could NOT live without!) And we are getting ready to move locations. In a little over a week, my little online Bible study will have a new home on the Proverbs 31 Ministries website! Now you know that could only be done with God!

Only with God. He has paved the way and brought amazing ladies to this OBS. It is not me, it is all Him. He brought ladies who would say “yes” to God, step out in faith, and agree to ride this crazy OBS train with me. He did immeasurably more than I would have ever asked or imagined. (Ephesians 3:20)

Our entire OBS team is made up of almost 100 ladies from all across the United States. Each one serves a vital role in making Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies a vibrant, healthy, and growing community of ladies seeking to know God better. These are the most wonderful, honorable, and amazing ladies that I know and I love them so much!!! I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Meet Our OBS Team

melissaMelissa Taylor, Director of Online Bible Studies

Melissa began online Bible studies on her blog in 2011 because she wanted to provide a venue of study for women who weren’t in a Bible study group. In a little over two years, more than 88,000 have participated from more than 105 countries. This is now her full time job with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Melissa lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, Jeff; four children, Blake, Hayden, Dylan, and Hayley Grace; and her sweet dogs Princess and Maggie.


ginnyblakenshipGinny Blankenship, Director of Social Media, Prayer Devotions

Ginny began studying with Melissa Taylor in January of 2012 with Made to Crave. In March of 2012 she became one of the Online Bible Study small group leaders. Currently she writes our Prayer and Praises posts and coordinates our social media team. Ginny resides in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia with her husband, Scott; and three children, Jason, Hayli and Ayden.

StephanieClaytonStephanie Clayton, P31 OBS Core Team, Study Leader, Social Media Team

Stephanie is a counselor with a passion for integrating Bible teaching with professional counseling. She has been part of the Online Bible Study Team since 2011 providing counseling advisory as well as guidance and teaching to help women find freedom from their past and hope for their future.  Stephanie lives in Amarillo, TX with her husband Kevin; her children Ryan and Lauren; and her puppies, Buzz and Bella.


AngiecombsAngie Combs, P31 OBS Core Team, P31 OBS Executive Assistant

Angie is the Executive Assistant with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study and is on staff with Proverbs 31 Ministries as Project Assistant. She lives in Durham, NC with her husband, Brent of 27 years and her dogs Cassie and Yogi. She is the mother of Laura and MIL of Michael.


VeronicaHerzingVeronica Herzing, P31 OBS Director of the C. A. R. E. Ministry (Christ’s Assistants Reaching & Encouraging)

Veronica is a loving wife and mother who trusts in the Lord and follows His calling for her life. She enjoys writing and pursuing it to see where it leads. A devoted friend who loves unconditionally, Veronica tries to always walk in the footsteps of God. She lives in Missouri with her husband, Larry; two children Matthew and Megan.

ChristaChrista Hutchins, Real Life In The Gap Study Leader

Christa joined Online Bible Studies in 2012 as a study participant and then a Facebook small group leader. The Real Life in The Gap Study was started to provide Facebook small group participants with meaningful and flexible Bible study during the breaks between OBS studies. When she is not hanging out with her husband, son, daughter and son-in-law, you will usually find Christa with her nose in a historical fiction book!

nickiNicki Koziarz, P31 OBS Core Team, Study Leader

Nicki is a speaker, writer and on staff at Proverbs 31 Ministries. She is passionate about reaching people far from God and being a voice of Truth in her generation. Nicki lives in the cozy town of Matthews, NC {just outside of Charlotte, NC} with her amazingly handy husband Kris and their 3 beautiful girls; Taylor, Hope and Kennedy.


lisakrampLisa Kramp, P31 OBS Core Team, Director of Facebook Small Group Ministry

Lisa began Online Bible Studies as a participant in 2011. She was a part of the very first OBS small group and today she is the director of the small group ministry, which currently has 59 groups! Lisa lives in Indiana with her husband of 27 years, Dave and they have three grown sons.

lindakuharLinda Kuhar, P31 OBS Core Team, Teaching Team

Linda became a Women’s Christian Life Coach in 2010 after her miraculous healing from cancer and coma in 2009.  She now coaches women around the globe in spiritual growth, accountability and vision for their lives. Her greatest joy is empowering women to be who God designed them to be. Linda lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Todd and daughter Megan.

Linda Leighter Pic





Linda Leighton, P31 OBS Senior Blog Editor

Linda began participating in Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies in January of 2011. Since that first study, Linda has participated in eight online Bible studies, and will soon take on her fifth study as a small OBS Facebook group leader. She is actively serving in her church as the assistant to the Guest Services Manager and is in charge of scheduling and training of 50+ guest services workers. Linda lives in Oak Creek, WI, and is a “Mom” to two fur-babies; a 17-year-old cat, Reggie and a 3-year-old black lab/beagle mix, Disney.

JenniferNewsomJennifer Newsom, P31 OBS Core Team, Teaching Team

Jennifer has been involved with leading Online Bible Studies since 2011. She was honored to join P31 OBS in 2012 where her passion for walking alongside, and bringing the love of Jesus to women grew. Jennifer and her husband Billy homeschool their 4 children: Bryce, Logan, Emily and Ava.


JamyWhitakerJamy Whitaker, P31 OBS Core Team, Prayer Director and Teaching Team

Jamy began Online Bible Studies as a participant in the first study back in 2011 because it was such an answer to prayer. Two years later, she is now a part of the team that is reaching out and encouraging women around the world. Jamy lives in rural Indiana, with her husband, Mitch and five children, Taylor, Devin, Ethan, Quintin and Madilynn.

Social Media, Facebook Small Group, C.A.R.E.,  and Prayer Ministries

Kim Goldstein, Kyndra Kemp, Missy Pettigrew, Anna Walker, Barbara Prince, Sue Molitor, Tricia Davis, Charlotte Oliver, Teresa Wood, Nancy Miksad, Billie Schuttpelz, Robin Packer, Abby Nardi, Cheryl May, Beth Wright, Kendra Keller, Christa Fowler, Nichole Wolland, Jenny Armstrong, Bethany Wheeler, Donna Balsavich, Brittany Jacobson, Tristine Barry, Hope Aylor, Donna Harris, Emily Montjoy, Kelly Hamerle, Debbie Williams, Karri Hollingsworth, Kristy Aiken, Lauren Bates, Kris Danko, Denise Collins, Vashti Makupson, Melissa Sherlin, Lori Annette Blackwell, Carla Pollard, Breanna Davenport, Sandi Brewer, Lori Krance, Courtney Turner, Tina Kadolph, Marcie Anderson, Stacey Mendro, Erin Peters, Mary Bankert, Dottie McLelland, Pat Ewing, Heather Wade, Melanie Shannon, LaToshia Jarmon, Stephanie Solberg, Marlene Mosley, Anita Greenland, Trish Cordell, Jodi Bailey, Sherri H. Chatman, Katrina Wylie, Jean Marie Brown, Marilyn Vaters, Amanda Gibson, Amber Oatman, Beth Anderson, Jennifer Newsom, Kara Simpkins, Kelley Murphy, Lauren Beach, Shelly Faust, Stephanie Raquel, Tammy Burgess, Veronica Brown, Heather Bleier, Jen Sandbulte, Kelley Worley, Wendy Franke, Denise Kamppi, Amy Wall, Kristen Barkdull, Linnea Nelson, Jeanie Kelley, Janet Florine, Kandace Poindexter, Paige Ward, Kristi Seat


These ladies make up the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Team. Each one makes a huge impact and a profound difference in the lives of the women they serve. We would not be where we are today without all of them.  It’s these ladies who make it possible for you to have such a wonderful experience in OBS.

Could I ask you a big favor? Would you join me in praying for your OBS leaders?  Say a prayer for them by name or write a prayer in the comment section? We are about to embark on a journey together and we would absolutely treasure your prayers. Ministry isn’t easy and I know this team of ladies would appreciate prayer more than anything else you could offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

***Our winner of the Lysa TerKeurst 3 book give away is, Dionne, email beginning Dionnecspeaks. Dionne, email Angie@Proverbs31.org with your mailing information and we will send you your books. 
Thank you to the very generous ladies who donated books so that ladies who can not afford to purchase can have one. You are such a blessing and your generosity is very appreciated. Thank you so much!


  1. Mindy Corradi says:

    Dear Lord,
    Thank you for the passion, love and care you have instilled in these amazing women. Please guide and provide wisdom to each and everyone for this upcoming study.

  2. R there any spare second hand books left, as I asked my hubby and he said no and is control of my finances b/c of my past mistakes and I am also under a control budget by cap to pay of my debts. Due to past addictive ways , which now praise god I’ve beaten. Pls pray and consider, ur in Christ Tammy

  3. dear father in heaven; i pray that you will anoint all the ladies in the obs ministry i pray you will give them your protection from the evil of this world. may you protect their families. and espicallly their children. bless their marriages with your love and peace. guide their every move to please you and may they be ready to fight the enemy when he attacks them. in Jesus name, amen.

  4. I have lifted up each name in prayer this morning–asking for God’s direction and encouragement as we join together to learn and to step forward in His name. Of course there will be days of discouragement, as the Devil tries to draw our attention away from the incredible experience of God’s power that we are committing to. But, God does not leave us alone to handle the Devil! He steps in, constantly at our side, batting down the arrows of discouragement and setting us on firm ground. If God is for us, who can be against us?! I pray that the Lord finds each of us faithful as we begin this time of study.

  5. Heavenly Father, In Jesus Name I bring these 12 women to you in prayer so that each one can receive wisdom, power, strength, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, father I plead that everything that is done here, will glorify your name and
    to give each listener a closer walk with you….

    I pray that every word spoken in each bible study be released to do the work that is needed in every one who studies, listens or seeks you, that you restore lives that listen as well as those who are teaching and we can open up our hearts and ears to be healed and nourish, we stand firm on your word knowing that it is the only thing that can change our lives. We thank you Lord, because we believe and know that you will receive Glory and Praise for everything you do, In the Mighty name of Jesus, The Lover of My Soul


  6. Catherine S says:

    It’s so awesome to see everyone’s smiling, beautiful faces.
    I have noticed that most every leader is also a mom. Hmmm, a theme perhaps.

    Good morning Abba. I thank You each morning for the new day, the sun in the sky and the rains and snow that replenish Your earth. You are an awesome God. I thank You for the gifts of Your son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit whom give me an example to live by and guide me each day I call upon them. Your word is true and Your love is unending. Lord I lift up the women of Proverbs 31, especially all those mentioned helping and reaching out to others through this online bible study. I ask that You send Your heavenly hosts of angels to encourage, guide, strengthen each and every one. I pray Your Holy Spirit to be upon them each day as they guide other women to Your truths. I ask that each participant come to know You, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit on a deep and intimate and personal level.
    Heavenly Father, bless this study and all those who are participating in it. May it bring glory to Your name. May it bring hope and joy and peace to each one. Hope in You and Your promises. Joy from the Spirit that only He can provide. Peace in Your Son, Jesus, that comes in believing the promise of the cross.
    In Jesus’ holy and precious name I pray. Amen.

  7. My prayers are for the women who have followed their calling and walked and talked and written and guided and led, exactly what Jesus told us to do. I know in my heart that you have listened to what I call God whispers. I pray for coordination and structure and balance and peace for the ones who are organizing the groups. This study has taken off beyond your dreams and expectations, it’s amazing. We need this. Amen.

    signed anxious to begin :)

  8. Dear Lord I pray for all these women who bring God’s word into our hearts and gives us so much hope. I pray that you will protect them & guide them through our next study. I pray for those who are going to participate and for those that wish to but can’t afford the study. May the be blessed by someone today. Thank you Lord for this study & each of these ladies!! Amen!! :).
    Now lets do this!!

  9. Father,
    Thank you for the willingness of each of these ladies to serve you and to show others the way to You. As they are entrusted to be your overseers let them be hospitable, love that which is good, be self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined. Let them hold firmly to the message as you have taught it to us, that they will be able to encourage others with sound doctrine and refute those who oppose Your words. (Titus 1:8-9)

    Grant them your wisdom as well.


  10. Linda Clark says:

    Most Holy God, I thank You for these ladies who have devoted their lives to teaching Your Word. I ask now that You fill each of them with Yourself and what YOU would have them teach, say and do. Fill them with You so that they will have discernment in their planning each facet of their job and ministry. Bless the study. While most of the women studying it will be women who already know You, I ask that You work in each heart so that if someone doesn’t know You, Your gospel truth will be evident to them and the Holy Spirit will bring them to You. God, I also ask that You open each woman’s heart to receive the message You have for her. Amen

  11. Dear Lord..I want to thank and praise you for what you are doing through Prverbs31 and our OBS comming up. Please Bless and keep all of these special women who have Already said yes to you. Thank you Lord, for their willingness to reach out to others with your truth and love. Please bless and keep their families and be with them during our study. Help them to know how much you love them, and please provide for all of their needs. In Jesus name I pray, Amen:)

  12. Oh Lord, how I love this community! Please bind the hearts of the leaders together as they continue to follow hard after you. Guide them with each new step that needs to be taken to reach more women for You. Oh, God, how we praise your Holy name! We are lifting these precious servants of Yours right up to you, asking you to bless the work of their hands. In Jesus Precious Name I pray, Amen!

  13. It is such a privilege and honor to serve with these amazing ladies. This online Bible study was such an answer to prayer for me back in 2011. I was in need of a Bible study and God lead me to Melissa’s blog. I cannot believe that two years later, I am on the OBS team. It is an example of Ephesians 3:20. I have read “Say Yes to God” years ago before I went on a mission trip to Barbados. It had such an impact on my life. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this Bible study. I truly believe He is going to do a mighty work. Looking forward to learning and studying with you incredible ladies.

  14. Anita Droke says:

    Dear Lord I pray a special prayer for each of these ladies who have committed their time and knowledge to helping others grow in your word. May you continually bless them, and those of us who participate in this OBS. I am so excited about growing closer in my walk and saying YES!

  15. Amie Jones says:

    Lord, I pray that you will guide each woman of Proverbs 31 ministry and give them the words to speak, and wisdom to share to ladies all over the world. Their work is endless and as a leader we can sometimes grow weary, continue to bless this ministry as well as all the OBS women that continually take up their cross daily and help reach women around the world through your word. Amen

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Abba Father,

    I thank you for these mighty women of faith who choose to glorify you through ministering to others. Lord, you know their hearts, their minds, their desires and their struggles. I ask that you would meet them where they are at and be their God. Strengthen them through your love, hold them tight and let them feel that you are near. I praise your holy name and thank you for their faith, boldness and courage to magnify you! May the blood of your Son wash over them protecting, cleansing, and renewing! Amen.


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