Jul 28

Reminder To All My Blog Friends~ Yes to God

Hey Sweet Friends!  Hope you all are doing well today!

In case you are wondering what in the world is going on here at MelissaTaylor.org, here’s an update for you.

The What Happens When Women Say Yes to God OBS begins August 4th. This date is different than the original date. We moved it back to accommodate those still waiting on a book.

Our Online Bible Studies ministry has moved. We have a new awesome home!  It can be found on the Proverbs 31 Ministries website.

This site here, MelissaTaylor.org, will return to being just my personal blog. There are a few of you who remember when I used to blog. I’m really looking forward to it again!

If you have any questions, email angie@proverbs31.org.

For more information on the move, click here.

I’m so excited about all of our changes! Hope you will be joining 21,343 other women from 119 different countries as we say “Yes to God!”

Love you!  <3



  1. Congratulations, on the new site, to follow you, do I need to do anything. I am looking forward to your blog.

    • brittany jacobson says:

      to follow her the only thing you need to do is make sure you have signed up for this study other wise you are fine you will receive her updates for the new blog shortly

  2. Courtney says:

    AWESOME! **Doing my Snoopy dance!**

  3. Thanks for moving the start date back – I just got confirmation this morning that my book has shipped – now I just need to make a quick trip down to my friend’s place in Lynden, WA to pick it up when it arrives! Luckily for me she is a fabulous friend, with a fabulous pool, and I will take advantage of that little trip to take a dip in said pool! Looking forward to next week!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      sounds perfect sitting by the pool reading your say yes to God book , love it I read mine by the pool to .

  4. I can’t wait! I feel like I know some of you already!! :) Amen! God is using me for something, maybe mow I will find out what it is! :) So excited!!!!

    Melissa, it’s a blessing to see your face on my Facebook when I come on in the mornings…..don’t know you, but love you!!

    I was just at a celebration of life for a dear friend and on his program he wrote, A room full of strangers is just a room full of friends I haven’t met yet. So beautiful and in line with our Bible study Say Yes To God! I can’t believe the numbers are still climbing (Well, actually, I can!) 😉

    Counting down the days…..Elsie <3 <3 <3

  5. Can hardly wait!!!!!

  6. I am truly excited about this bible study because I am certain it will enable us to grow spiritually and enhance us as women to be able to deal with things the way God wants us to daily.

    • Kelley Worley says:

      These online Bible Studies are so wonderful!! This will be my 4th one and each one has changed my life for the better!!! You will love them!!! :)

  7. Rita White says:

    How do I get my blog on the blog hop?

  8. Stephanie Simpson says:

    Hello Melissa,

    Can you possibly tell me how to put the Blog Hop Button on my blog posts. I tried but it didn’t work right.

    Thank you

  9. KK