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Aug 4

Permission to Say Yes

Hey Y’all!

Happy Sunday morning to you!  (or possibly Sunday night…Monday morning…depending on where you are!)

I just got out of church~ fabulous message from Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church. Our current series is titled Permission Slip.

This is Your Permission Slip

A few notes I want to share:

“God, what do you want to say to me today?”

How long will you live in the past…stuck?

How long will you allow the imagination of what might have been go rob you of what is to come?

You have permission to bury a dream you’ve had SO THAT God’s dream in your life can happen.

Wisdom from failure. Move forward in faith.

Just because a dream dies doesn’t mean your hope has to.

No magic, quick fix. It’s a process.

You can have the promises of God (His Word is full of them) but you also have to pursue them. Otherwise they remain words on paper when they are indeed meant to be alive and active. God’s promises are your permission, but you have to pursue…move forward…believe and act.

When the enemy has stolen from you, draw your sword (Word of God) and fight back.

In most highly successful people, their greatest victory came exactly one step beyond their greatest defeat had taken over them.

Don’t quit.

When what you’ve done has brought pain and shame to you and those around you, what do you do?   Change your clothes.

What you did does not change who God is.

“I wish I hadn’t done those things, but I can’t stay sorry and in a pit of regret and shame forever.”

I believe the grace of God covers me. Because of this I can and will move on.

His robe of righteousness covers me…I’m changing clothes. Trading in my rags for his robe of righteousness.

What you did isn’t greater than who Christ is.

It’s time to go forward in the name of the Lord.

This is your permission to move forward.

God wants to fill you with fresh hope today.


Those are all the notes I took in church today! The message really spoke to me and I thought someone else might need to hear it too. If you’d like to listen to this message, visit Elevation Church online for information on this message and other powerful sermons too. (this particular message will be available in a few days on the Elevation site)

Just Say Yes

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Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be redecorating soon so stay tuned as changes to this site begin to take place!

Have a wonderful day!

Love to You <3