Aug 4

Permission to Say Yes

Hey Y’all!

Happy Sunday morning to you!  (or possibly Sunday night…Monday morning…depending on where you are!)

I just got out of church~ fabulous message from Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church. Our current series is titled Permission Slip.

This is Your Permission Slip

A few notes I want to share:

“God, what do you want to say to me today?”

How long will you live in the past…stuck?

How long will you allow the imagination of what might have been go rob you of what is to come?

You have permission to bury a dream you’ve had SO THAT God’s dream in your life can happen.

Wisdom from failure. Move forward in faith.

Just because a dream dies doesn’t mean your hope has to.

No magic, quick fix. It’s a process.

You can have the promises of God (His Word is full of them) but you also have to pursue them. Otherwise they remain words on paper when they are indeed meant to be alive and active. God’s promises are your permission, but you have to pursue…move forward…believe and act.

When the enemy has stolen from you, draw your sword (Word of God) and fight back.

In most highly successful people, their greatest victory came exactly one step beyond their greatest defeat had taken over them.

Don’t quit.

When what you’ve done has brought pain and shame to you and those around you, what do you do?   Change your clothes.

What you did does not change who God is.

“I wish I hadn’t done those things, but I can’t stay sorry and in a pit of regret and shame forever.”

I believe the grace of God covers me. Because of this I can and will move on.

His robe of righteousness covers me…I’m changing clothes. Trading in my rags for his robe of righteousness.

What you did isn’t greater than who Christ is.

It’s time to go forward in the name of the Lord.

This is your permission to move forward.

God wants to fill you with fresh hope today.


Those are all the notes I took in church today! The message really spoke to me and I thought someone else might need to hear it too. If you’d like to listen to this message, visit Elevation Church online for information on this message and other powerful sermons too. (this particular message will be available in a few days on the Elevation site)

Just Say Yes

Anyone here saying “Yes to God?”  The latest Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study begins TODAY and it’s not too late to join. Check out our first post for the #YesToGod study here.   I’m leading this study along with my beautiful friend Nicki Koziarz. We’d love for everyone to join us!  We believe that these Online studies are backed by the power of God. We have almost 23,000 ladies from 120 countries around the world participating. Consider yourself invited. The study takes place on the Proverbs 31 website.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be redecorating soon so stay tuned as changes to this site begin to take place!

Have a wonderful day!

Love to You <3



  1. Emily Pyatt says:

    Thank you sooo much for that. When me and my husband got together I was waiting on an answer from a worship college that I wanted to go to. It had been awhile and I thought I had not been accepted. After being together for a couple of months I had gotten the call that I was accepted. My husband was upset because I would have to move to Texas and we lived in Missouri. He didn’t want a long distance relationship so I chose him instead. For almost 6 years now I have beat myself up inside knowing that I did not do what I know without a shadow of a doubt that I was called to do. I have hit so many road blocks trying to make it happen myself instead of allowing God to do it. I thank you because I need to forgive myself and allow God to move.

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      I love your testimony right here because it’s my passion to become a worship leader.

  2. Thank you sooooooo much for sharing this. Your notes from Church was God speaking to me as I lie in bed with Fibromyalgia pain and in a state of no hope. Was not able to go to church today feeling very alone because my husband and children went to church even though I was in pain. I needed their love but The Lord spoke to me in your sharing Bless you and thank you.

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      I will be praying for everything you just spoke of. Also the message really touched me as well

  3. traci hernandez says:

    I am so happy you wrote this today!! speaks EXACTLY to what I needed to hear today:) can’t wait for the sermon to be on podcast!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

  4. Stephanie Simpson says:

    Hello Melissa,

    That was such a powerful sermon. Because I know all too often I find myself beating myself up with the thoughts of the stupid things that I have done in my past and the things I knew I should’ve done yet didn’t. I feel more than not that I have completely missed a lot on what God was saying to me and in the process I hurt myself and the ones that love me. I hope through this OBS and of course through the love and support I have in my own church that I will finally start to be able to overcome my past and change my clothes in Christ.

    Thank you again, I already can not wait to go through these next few weeks.

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      I am lifting up every thing you are praying about. There is no condemnation in Christ so all the hurt your feeling is from the enemy . You are holy and blameless in his site amen

  5. Uh-may-zing notes!! And YES ma’am- I am ready to pursue the promises of God for his glory!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the notes! My husband and I were having this same conversation this morning! I can’t wait to listen to the sermon. Great job on the notes! Great sermon, Pastor Steven!

  7. What a powerful msg and I thank you so for sharing! I was floored you for this all from church! I can not find a church that speaks to me, I never feel like I am receiving any mags :( though I continue to #SayYesToGod

    I cannot wait to hear the sermon from your church! Talk them into live broadcasting!!!!

    Lifting up Laura in prayer….remember you don’t have to go to church’s to feel Gods presence and love…He is always with you!

    • They do live broadcasting., check it out!

      • Kelly baker says:

        You don’t have to be in a building to experience the power of the Holy Spirit thru the Word or worship! I believe when we as Christians can have church without being in a group means more to our Father!!! Jesus will lead guide and direct you, don’t give up!!!

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      I am lifting up everything you prayed

  8. Janet F (P31 OBS Prayer Warrior Team) says:

    How long will you allow the imagination of what might have been go rob you of what is to come?

    You have permission to bury a dream you’ve had SO THAT God’s dream in your life can happen.

    Boy did I need to read these notes you took!! Thanks for sharing this today Melissa, going to watch Steven right now and take some more notes!! God bless you!! :)

  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful notes. They spoke directly to me. I am looking forward to our OBS and becoming a woman who says Yes to God even though I’ve messed up so much in the past. I’m changing clothes and ready to move on. God bless you!

  10. I liked “You have permission to bury a dream you’ve had SO THAT God’s dream in your life can happen.”
    I needed that. Soo… I got some paper and wrote out a dream I have had, prayed over it and then burned it. This was my way of giving it to The Lord. I’m sure His dream/plans for me are better than mine.

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      What a great idea Karen I’ve never thought of that I’m gonna have to try that.

  11. Kelly baker says:

    Thank you for sharing your notes from the sermon!! When I get a moment I am going to listen to the sermon. I have recently went thru coming out of a stink due to my actions in the past and this really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing!!!

  12. Stephanie M says:

    So ready for this study!! Thank you for your post….definitely one I needed today…

  13. Some really great notes today!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Elsie Daly says:

    Hi Melissa, we said Yes to God when we accepted Christ into our hearts and were baptized etc. That’s the way I see it. Now this study is a tool we can use to learn how to say Yes to God. Before I read todays Say Yes To God pages, I sang, standing up alone, with palms up and I had no idea why, but soon after other people joined in standing. I am not usually the first to stand up. It was The Same Love by Paul Baloche. If you haven’t heard this, find it and listen. I have it on You Tube.

  15. Courtney says:

    Oh, Melissa, this is just what I needed to hear! I shared on the Say Yes OBS site that yesterday I decided to leave the past and move forward! And most of all, saying yes to do what God says do! It’s rare my husband and I attend Saturday night service. Typically, that’s date night! This week we decided to go Saturday so I can properly start the OBS on Sunday. The message was about commitment. After service was baptism. Usually we say our goodbyes and head home…. This week we stayed. I happened to ask one of the members of the baptism team what’s the process to get baptized. I was baptized when I was younger, but now I fully understand that commitment and want to do it again, for me. The lady responded, “oh, honey, we can do it today!” Next thing I know, I was saying yes and being whisk away! Who knew stepping out of the ordinary routine would lead to one of the biggest decisions of my life!

  16. This had me thinking. Especially, “You have permission to bury a dream you’ve had SO THAT God’s dream in your life can happen.” This one hit home. I have the permission. The Choice. This is so hard seeming as the first thing I though about was everything I wanted and then I realized I’ve given up a dream before and it wasn’t something I though was worth pursuing after God showed me something better. So I’m willing. My Spirit is willing even though my flesh is weak. :)

  17. Thanks for sharing your notes! I felt like you were speaking directly to me. I keep beating myself up over things I’ve done. It has about got the best of me today. I look forward to checking out the whole message.

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      There is no condemnation in Christ you are holy and blameless in his site

  18. Melissa, thanks so much for sharing your notes today and giving the link – sounds like a great series. I loved your note “No magic, quick fix. It’s a process.” So hard to remember. Thanks again, Kim (saying Yes to God) :)

  19. I love Steven Furtick’s messages. Had intended to attend Elevation Church last weekend after She Speaks, but had to head home because of my Mom being so ill. So I’ll catch both of these messages on their website!

    Thanks for sharing your notes – truly inspiring!

  20. Michelle Romero says:

    Amazing notes, I can only imagine the sermon.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m so excited to get going forward on our Bible study!

  21. Mary Ann says:

    I am so looking foward to this BIble study and thank you for your post because
    I needed this to start.

  22. Nancy Miksad says:

    I absolutely loveSteven Furtlick’s message!!! He speaks truth and thank you for sharing your notes otherwise I wouldn’t had been blessed and listened to the sermon online. I think I”m addicted ha ha
    Just say YeS

  23. Melissa, I am excited to see you still blogging after the OBS move. Your heart and desire to grow in The Lord is a continual challenge and encourage my. Glad that I am still following you and look forward to your future writings. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.

  24. Martha F. says:

    Great blog today Melissa….thanks for sharing your notes! I am saying YES & looking forward to this study. I like the reference about changing clothes….I will remember that. Best wishes!

  25. Love your notes! Going to have check out Pastor Steven’s video. I love listening to him! Looking forward to see your new place here soon!! So glad we’re all saying YES together!! :)

  26. So excited to let go of the past and move forward in whatever The Lord has for me. Excited to get started.

  27. So excited to get into this study. Looking forward to learning and growing. :-)

  28. I love this….Ty for sharing Melissa.

  29. TY for sharing your notes from the service this morning. This is just what I needed to hear tonight. So excited to be part of this study. God Bless!

  30. Angela Durham says:

    it’s refreshing..I feel love here.
    Thank you Sisters

  31. Melissa , thank you for sharing those snippets from your church service today. They speak to me directly and I am very encouraged. God is good – all the time and I am happy that I have come to know him!


  32. Barbara Abdallah says:

    Thank you so much I needed to hear those words I have a dream on the inside for years and have put it aside thinking it is to late and now God has closed a door of employment for me which allowed me to look at and go through other doors everything seemed to be going fine and then it appeared to be at a stand still I am not sure what God is doing but I am committed to staying faithful and believing that God is still in control and he is still on the throne I know God will get me there in his timing.

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      Amen a verse that I rember just came to mind what I have opend doors which no man can close

  33. lisa Owen says:

    Perfectly timed isn’t it? Went along EXACTLY with what GOD was showing me I had to let go of while I was reading Chapter 1! Hugs!!! Lisa

  34. Kathleen says:

    I needed to hear this message. Thanks for sharing your notes. Your church sounds like a wonderful place to fellowship.

  35. Encouraging . Thanks Mellissa. I enjoyed Day 1 of the study and am happy I said YES to God!!!!!!!!

  36. Sherry Smith says:

    Thank you. I am excited. This is my first time with OBS, blog or calls, Not sure what to do.

  37. Love your notes! What a rich message with great sound bites. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Amy Webb says:

    I really enjoyed that post. So many times I read the Bible just to say I read it and don’t really listen or hear what is being said. This was a great reminder to listen everyday in all I do for God to be speaking.

  39. So I have to tell you a crazy story… Let me start with I live in San Diego, CA. and attend The Rock Church. One day I was checking out Lysa Terkeurst’s blog and saw where she had shared the Mother’s day Sunday service where she had spoke. I watched the service and then began looking at the other services in the archive and began listening to them as I sewed, crafted and worked around the house throughout the day. I soon realized who Pastor Furtick is and that I had read his book “Sun Stand Still”. As I listened to the sermons day after day and did some research as to where Elevation Church is soon the thought of one day moving to North Carolina had made itself at home in my mind. Then, a week or so later my mom invited me to this OBS (which I had never heard of) and I signed up.. While checking out your page I realized that you TOO go to Elevation!!! I just feel like there is NO WAY this is all a coincidence! I am not sure what will come of this but I am excited to see what God has in store!!! I love that you post on your blog about the sermons because I have still been watching.. God Bless you and thank you for all you do!!! -jamie

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      Wow God works in mysterious ways what an amazing testimoney

  40. I just signed up for this today. A little behind, but I already own the book so I can get started reading today. Glad I found this!!

    • brittany jacobson( obs prayer warrior team) says:

      You gonna love it I’m already reading the book and I love it

  41. Melissa,
    I was able to visit Elevation Church on the Sunday after She Speaks when your pastor began his series “This is your permission slip.” I love how 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 encourages us that HE has said “YES” and we get to come into agreement and say “Amen”. Truly the Holy Spirit is our guarantee, our deposit that the best is yet to come!

  42. Molly Bargmann says:

    Listening to a few sermons on the Elevation Church website today!! such an awesome church and spirit in that place!