Dec 3

Welcome to My New Blog Home!

Welcome Y’all!  Isn’t my new blog just so lovely?  I’m really proud of it. There were some very talented ladies who worked hard make it pretty and useful. Rebecca and Mandy, thank you so much on a job super well done! I couldn’t be more happy with it!

For anyone who might be visiting me for the first time ever or the first time in a while, welcome…or welcome back! Between 2011-2013 my blog kind of transformed from a regular blog where I shared what was on my heart to a full time online Bible study hub where thousands of women from all over the world gathered to do Bible study together. While the Bible study is still going strong, it has moved. I received one of the best blessings ever, when I became the director of Online Bible Studies at Proverbs 31 Ministries. When that happened the Bible study moved from here to there.  So now, anyone interested can join a free online Bible study over on the Proverbs 31 OBS blog or you can just hang out with me here and join me in talking about life and stuff…or you can do both!

What you need to know about me~ well not really need to to…but I’m going to tell you anyway~

I love Jesus and that will never change. My life isn’t glamorous or neat & tidy. In fact, it’s messy. I have issues. There are things that really get on my nerves. It seems like there is usually a circumstance I’m going through that is out of my control and challenges my trust of God. But I choose to trust Him and that’s what gets me through. And He keeps on loving me despite me! Thank you Lord!

I love my family. I’ve been married to Jeff for 23 years and we have 4 children. Blake, 20, is a sophomore at Appalachian State University. Hayden, 18, is a senior in high school. Dylan, 16, is a sophomore in high school. Hayley Grace, 12, is in the 7th grade. Maggie and Princess (both are 9) are the cutest doggies you ever did see. We are an imperfect bunch who strive to live together in harmony and I think we do that well. We tackle the world together, but we also have a lot of fun together too. Best of all, we pray for each other. I can always count on prayer from them. Pictured below: Hayden, Dylan holding Maggie, Jeff, Blake holding Princess, me, and Hayley Grace

Taylor Family w dogs Blake's graduation

I love people. I love hanging out with people…in person and online. I love connecting with friends on my blog, in online Bible study, on Twitter  (@MelissaRTaylor) and on Instagram (MelissaRTaylor) . Unlike many, I do believe that meaningful friendships can be made online. I have many really good friends that I have never met in person. There is no criteria to be my friend…except that you are nice to me :)

I love life! Life in general intrigues me. People, places, animals, things, music…I can find joy in the littlest things.

I love college football. South Carolina Gamecocks & Appalachian State Mountaineers. That will never change either. :)  See below, my husband Jeff, great friend Amy, and me getting ready to watch our Gamecocks play…and win!

Gamecock Football Blog 2013

I love Walt Disney World. As you can see, Goofy and I are great friends.

Walt Disney World Love 2013 Goofy

I don’t love getting out of bed in the morning, but once I’m up, I’m good.

I like to watch TV and some of the shows you might not approve of. They aren’t rated R or anything like that, but some might think I’m filling my brain with useless material. I don’t take it seriously though. TV helps me unwind and just chill when I’ve been going non stop all day.

I get to work with some of the most amazing ladies God ever created at Proverbs 31 Ministries & P31 OBS. Seriously, my job isn’t like a job at all. It’s like a passion, hobby, and calling all wrapped into one. I love being the Online Bible Studies Director, I love the OBS team, and I have to limit the time I spend working so I can balance my life in a healthy way. I love my job that much. Pictured below, some of our awesome P31 OBS ladies on the Girls’ Getaway Cruise last October.

OBS Team Cruise

I need to lose weight. Not so I’ll look good, but because I’m not at a healthy weight for me right now. You’ll hear more about this I’m sure. #struggle #ugh #haha

I believe there is hope in any and every situation. I believe there is hope for every person. I believe we are all worth fighting for.


And I also believe I’ve written enough for my first blog post in such a long time.

Whether you are here for the first time or we are old friends, thank you so much for visiting my blog home today. Let’s try to get together a few times a week and just chat about life and stuff. You can sign up to receive my blog in the top right hand column, that way you won’t need to remember to visit. But I want you to know, you are always welcome and invited here. It’s my prayer you can feel that.

I’ve told you a lot about me, now tell me about you. In the comment section, please share some things about yourself. I love to read notes from my bloggy friends and hear what’s going on in your life too!

Happy Day! Thanks again for stopping by :)



  1. Yay Melissa – you’re back!! Woot woot!!!

    • Thanks Barb! It’s so good to be back!

    • elaine ledlow says:

      Melissa i have many online friends and i truly consider you one. You have always been there to listen and laugh and pray. Thanks. Btw i have 4 grown kids and 7 fur babies ranging in age from 2 to 14. So i guess my family is abit larger than yours. We have 17 grands and great grands. I was blessed enough to marry a man with 4 children so i never had to do diapers. God bless and welcome back!
      Did i mention i love the bible studies and have been married for 37 years? I also am an elementary teacher who has been at the same school for almostv15 years. Later sis

  2. So glad to see your blog again!!

  3. Looks great Melissa and so much fun! Looking forward to more :)

  4. Woohoo I’m so excited!! So glad you are back, here! About me week, you already know a lot :)

    I love Wendy’s fries dipped in my chocolate frosty :)
    We are HUGE Indianapolis Colts fans
    I also need to lose weight! ! !
    I love ice cream, Chunky Monkey is the BEST!

    • Oh me too!! Wendy’s fries dipped in a frosty! (Errrr…refer to my progress with weight loss so I should probably find something else I like)

  5. Yay for being back with no strings attached (even though I like the online Bible study strings)! You being you, Melissa! That makes me smile! :)

  6. Hi Melissa. My name is Melissa too but for some reason my parents chose to call me Lisa and it’s stuck for all these years! Anyway, I grew up in Kannapolis so I love hearing about you since you live so close to where I grew up. I live in North Myrtle Beach now and don’t get back to that area nearly enough. I’ve participated in quite a few of your OBS’s and MUST do Made to Crave again with you. Like you, I struggle with my weight on a continuous basis. I am so glad you are starting your blog back up. I started a blog years ago and just didn’t stick with it…kinda like the weight thing and all. Anyway, just a little about me..looking forward to your blog. I just love you because you are so open and honest and don’t mind really putting yourself out there to help others.

    • Lisa (Melissa!) Thanks so much for your comment today! You live in a place that I vacation frequently! I love North Myrtle! And I miss it sooo much! You should come visit me and I should come visit you!

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad we are on a similar journey. We can encourage each other!

  7. Happy you are back to blogging about you and your family!

    About me . . . You might not know that I wrote and printed a cookbook and sold copies to attend She Speaks when my husband was out of work several years ago, I have 9 wonderful grandchildren, I’ve worked at the same company for 30 years, and I met my sweet husband 10 years ago online!

  8. The blog looks great and is so pretty! Love you lots! You have made such a huge impact on my life and I am so grateful! My family is grateful for your influence too :) I’ve been married to my amazing husband, Rick, for 31 years. We have two sons, a daughter, two daughters-in-law, and in June…. we’ll be adding a son-in-law! My baby is getting married! XO

  9. So happy and excited you are “back!” I too believe with my whole heart that you can meet so many wonderful people online you may never “bump into” otherwise. You are one of those people and I have been blessed by our paths crossing online! Even if I get “star struck” talking to you on the phone. Haha! Oh well!

    I watch a few shows that people may not agree with too, but it makes me happy to enjoy a little useless fluff every now and then. Glad you shared that!

    You know my struggle with weight and school and personal issues have slowed down my progress BUT I will make a come back!! And WE will get healthy in 2014!!!! Ready????

    Hugs to you! Love you friend!


  10. Melissa! I love it!

  11. Yay for old online friends! :)

  12. Kelly Walker says:

    Thanksbfor sharing!!

  13. I’m so excited to read more from your heart! :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. I’m so excited to read more from your heart! :) Thanks for writing!

  15. Kati Stewart-Riggs says:

    Hi, Melissa. I have enjoyed reading your blog post today. We have a lot in common. I love teaching Bible Studies and sharing Jesus with others. I also love to watch TV and have caught some ridicule for it from church friends who do not understand I just need to chill. It’s not that I take it seriously just a time that I can get my mind off everything else. I love College football and basketball. I am a graduate of NC State and App State. I love my online friends and feel free when sharing with them. I feel as close to them if not closer then some of work or church friends. So glad you have got your blog rolling.

  16. Mary Sawyer says:

    Woo hoo! So glad your blog is back in action. I don’t know how I originally came across your old, old blog (it had the name Beautful in the title, I think?), but thru it, I became introduced to Proverbs 31 and my life has not been the same (thank goodness!). You and I both lost our beloved parents to lung cancer around the same time, and I remember being so touched by your loving and candid posts. Anyway, I also have 3 sons but alas, no daughter! Hoping for wonderful daughters-in-law some day!
    Off to sign up for your blog updates!

  17. Christina Moore says:

    You are beautiful and I love how real you are!!! Excited to connect to your blog. Thank you for being a woman of God full of messy moments just like te rest of us! And you had me at “I love Disney World” after the “I love Jesus”

  18. Denise Kamppi says:

    I love it Melissa!! And glad your back. I love read your words, well you just rock and roll with what’s on your mind with so much inspiration. <3

  19. Hi Melissa

    I love your blog, and I loved meeting you on the Girls Get Away Cruise in October. I have a blog but I do not update it a lot. I feel once you get healthy on the inside with God the outside follows.


  20. Melissa, thanks so much for writing to us. You and The Proverbs 31 Ministry is a blessing to our life. Thank God for HIs abiding faithfulness towards us-His Girls.
    Have a wonderful week!


  21. Nichole Wolland says:

    Love the new look! It is FANTABULOUS! I also love to watch TV to unwind and get my mind off all the serious stuff in life! I love me a fountain Diet Pepsi! And, I also need to lose weight! But, I started back at WW and I am headed in the right direction.

  22. Wendy Downey says:

    You have inspired me so much through the OBS for A Confident Heart, my first! You are so relateable and just… YOU! How refreshing!! I also have a 20 year old (daughter) and 18 year old (son), both attending Radford U in Virginia. Looking forward to reading your blog and continuing on with OBS. Thank you for your passion for our Lord!! You just light up when you share!
    Btw, will you be at the PJ party Friday?

  23. Love the new look! Welcome back!!! =) Mmmmmmmwwwwaaahhhh! =)

  24. Brenda Gibson says:

    Hey, Melissa

    Glad to see your blog is back. I enjoy reading it. I live in Murfreesboro, TN with my husband of 25 years. We have two sons. Michael will be 24 next February and Josh will be 20 next week. My house is crowded right now because my mom and our two sons live with us. I am an Auburn fan. Go WAR EAGLE!!! I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and am currently an online grad student at Liberty University studying Marriage and Family Therapy. I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year.

    Many Blessings,

    P.S. If you get the chance to visit Nashville or Murvreesboro, we would love to have you.
    Many Blessings

  25. Brenda Gibson says:

    Sorry for the typo. It should read: Murfreesboro

  26. Anne Marie says:

    I’m one of those who stumbled across you blog right after your mom died. You’re candidness (Is that a word?)….. Anyway your honesty with raw emotion helped me tremendously. Someone finally broke the glass mask in front of pain..My mom died this year and the raw pain was near unbearable. It was your raw wounds after losing your mom that reentered my mind as I suddenly related to your words in a different arena. I’m glad you are back. Your friend watching from afar,

    Anne Marie

    • Dear Anne Marie,
      I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom, that’s something I definitely know about. I’m glad that what I went through helped you. That blesses me so much and I know it would bless my mom too. Hope you are doing ok and allowing yourself opportunities to grieve.
      Love you,

  27. Hey Melissa….through OBS I’ve come to look to you as a friend…..a “sister” in Christ! You are a blessing to me and OBS is the neatest thing I’ve come upon….or should I say, that, God brought me too. :-)

  28. Welcome back Melissa. It is so good to “see” you again.
    I am Amy & I am a lover of Jesus, a wife, a mom to a 3 year old little girl, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a daughter-in-law, a kindergarten teacher…just to name a few of my roles ;-).
    I have a huge desire to help/give to others.
    I absolutely love reading (if I can find the time), knitting, making cards and meeting friends for coffee and lunch.
    God has blessed me with the opportunity to have been apart of 3 Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies. I can see God’s hand at work in my life especially since I first learned about Proverbs 31 Ministry.
    I am looking forward to meeting with you each week on your blog to chat and have coffee.
    Amy :-)

  29. When I found Proverbs 31 and started receiving the daily devotions, your devotion was the first I received and your blog was the first I read. Now look….I’m leaving the first comment on your new blog!

    I’ve always loved hearing from your heart. Welcome back! Love you friend!!

  30. Oops….I guess I should have refreshed my screen…LOL

  31. Stephanie Solberg says:

    Can’t wait to read your stuff!!!

  32. Hilary Neilly says:

    Love the blog! Look forward to hearing more and sharing in the ups and downs of life with kids and dogs!! I can relate, 5 kids 2 dogs never a dull moment! Oh and I’m always on a diet :-( xx

  33. Lisa Little says:

    Love the new look! You rock Melissa and so does your team at P31 OBS!!
    You’ve turned me on to the greatest church, taugh me to keep my #PalmsUp and so much more. I thank you for all you do, have done and will do, here and at P31. You’ve opened my world and gave me your friendship and more importantly introduced me to a greater friend who loves unconditionally and is accepting to all our faults. You rock!! Never doubt what you do, you touch many! Peace and grace, Lisa

  34. Nancy Hammond says:

    I agree with Lisa Little, you have touched so many with your sincerity and personality. Love watching your videos.

  35. Hey Lisa, so glad to wake up this morning and see your blog in my inbox…I love to start my day with a cup of Rainforest Espresso Coffee and devos / blogs from the many wonderful ladies a Proverbs 31. I have 2 daughters, but don’t really know what it is like to have girls…for example my 19 year daughter just left with her Dad and Poppa to go deer hunting my 15 year daughter is just a tad upset that she has to wait until Saturday to go, they watch hockey, football with their dad, tease me about my love of chick flicks….so at times I feel outnumbered! We also have a 90 lb rescue dog who thinks my bed is really his. We live in London, Canada Have a great day, and thanks for the encouraging words that God loves me despite me!

  36. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Well what can I say about me that you already know. I have been married for 18 years this month. I have one son and live in St. Louis. Love Online Bible Studies and I volunteer doing the prayer team which I have so much enjoyed. I play the piano and the hammered dulcimer and I sing in the choir at church. I have had several women ask me why OBS. They have said I need face to face contact. I have been more comfortable on the computer doing these studies and I feel like I am fitting into a real community of other Bible believing women.
    I love music and am found on You Tube finding good songs to share with the friends I have on Face Book. I have a 13 year old who is quite smart and is in the 8th grade. He plays the violin in orchestra. Thanks so much for all the encouraging words Melissa. I know that God is using you and the ministry to encourage women like me. Blessings for a wonderful day.

  37. Sandy Weber says:

    Love the look and glad you are blogging. This (“A Confident Heart”) is my second online bible study. I enjoy your leadership through these studies. You are truly a blessing, as is the entire Proverbs 31 team. Working third shift makes it very hard to connect with people outside of work. No one else seems to be up all night and sleep during the day. I thank God that he led me to P31 and online bible studies. I am sure I will be here for years to come. You have a lovely family! I will talk to you again soon!

    • Sandy~
      I love that OBS has helped you connect, especially since you work 3rd shift! That’s why I absolutely love the studies and social media. We get to communicate when it works for us and it fits into any long as we make the time for it. You are a blessing to me and P31 OBS!

  38. Thank you Melissa for that heart warming get-to-know you blog. It was so refreshing and uplifting to know that I am not the only one who watches some TV shows that would probably put frowns on many faces. Granted they are not absolute garbage but I have been told before that a True Christian would not “watch that trash”. I think it is wrong to judge me on my single pleasure and as our Precious Lord said “Judge Not”. Keep up the good work girl. I am with P31 OBS forever.

  39. Kaylee V. says:

    Hi Melissa! I loom forward to your new blog and just “doing life” with you. I have now been a part of two OBS with P31. I have been married to my BFF for 11 years and we have a fun, spunky, emotional, creative 7 year old daughter. We also have a crazy, cute, spunky 11 year old Weimareiner. I love coffee and books. I dream of one day having a job like you described – a place where my passions and calling come together and I can live that out. I love women and real friendships, and want to guide other women to finding the grace, joy, and freedom that Jesus had given me in my life. Thanks for sharing life with us!

  40. Your new blog is YOU, and I love it!! Can’t wait to meet you here and learn what is on your heart. And I am soooo thankful to have a fellow sister in Christ to watch mindless television shows with and tweet about same every Friday night. :)

  41. Hi from snowy Minnesota! I’m a wife of one, mother of four and nana to 6.5! I love my family and they are my greatest blessing! :) I, too struggle with my weight. I am looking forward to the made to crave OBS. Love all the studies that I have participated in so far. What a great way to study Gods word! Also looking forward to your blog posts Melissa. Your energy and love of God inspires me!

  42. Oooh, the new place is so purty! I love it! Online friends are some of the most intimate ones I have because we can share with each other across the lines of the page what we sometimes can’t in person. You are such a joy to be around Miss Melissa! So glad you’re new blog is up and running. And, while I can’t cheer for your college football team, I share that love with you! Exclamation point over-users unite!!! 😉

  43. Chris Baker says:

    Yay! So glad you’re back. I’ve followed you for several years through P31.

  44. Melissa, I LOVE YOUR new blog!! It’s beautiful! So glad your back over here too :)

  45. Suzanne VanSligtenhorst says:

    Yah! Your new blog! I’m so happy that we got to meet and hang-out on the Girls’ Getaway Cruise (I was wondering if I might see the picture that was taken of you, me and my friend and cabin-mate, Barb Wohlford the morning of the Proverbs 31 meet ‘n’ greet in “Chinatown”). So honoured to call you friend :-)

  46. I look forward to getting to know you better and becoming online friends. I live in eastern NC, have been married to my wonderful husband Tom for 33 years, have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. They all live far away from us…boo!! But this Nana will travel great distances to get sweet smiles and hugs! I too need to lose weight and feel like this blog will be a support in this endeavor. Blessings to you all, I look forward to making some new friends here!

  47. Joan Raffety says:

    Hi Melissa:
    I’m glad you’re blog is back! It’s a blessing! I love it when Christians are real and don’t try to represent they are something they’re not. It’s encouraging to those of us who are far from perfect living in a flawed world!

  48. Love the new look Melissa! So clean and fresh! looking forward to what is to come!

  49. I love reading your blog, Melissa – such a down-to-earth-woman, with real issues and real life blessings. Lots in common here, too. Live in Jacksonville, FL now, but a transplant from Ohio-graduated from The Ohio State University and will always be a Buckeye fan. Three fabulous boys, growing up to be men – one in college for pastoral leadership – wants to be in youth ministry. A single mom after 21 years of marriage, but trust God’s will and plan for my life. I’m genuine, compassionate and trusting to a fault, and get hurt a lot, but love anyway. Looking for some fun in my life that I’ve missed out on for many, many years…thanks for always bringing hope back into my thoughts…I appreciate you!

  50. Welcome back. Love this simplicity of your page. Just as beautiful as you. I loved the Goofy pic. I needed that this morning. All the kids were late getting out the door to school, my microwaved died, thin my dryer is going up, and I am losing my voice due to the weather changing all the time. So that gave me a little smile to my heart. Yea I need to lose weight myself. I am currently 200 lbs packed into a 5’2″ frame. my feet hurt all the time. So maybe we can do this together. I don’t leave home much but I do have free weights, resistance bands, and motivation to lose 40 lbs. I am determined by my 42nd birthday (July) it will come off. I pray God uses your blog to touch millions. Best Wishes