Aug 12

It’s a Best Yes Kind of Day!

Hi Sweet Friends!

If you are participating in the current Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study, you might have seen this over there. But I know not all of you are and I’m personally so excited about it, I wanted to share on my personal blog too!

Check this out!

Today is AWESOME and we are celebrating BIG!

Around Proverbs 31 Ministries, we’ve been waiting for this day for months! That’s because we KNOW how GREAT Lysa TerKeurst’s next book, The Best Yes is! And we want you to know too!

For today only: 12:00 am-11:59 pm ET (yep, check your time zones, gotta be Easter Time Zone times).


Visit the Proverbs 31 Bookstore to purchase! 

And tonight is a very special night! It’s The Best Yes Live Webcast!

The Best YesWebcast Graphic[6]

Visit Lysa’s blog to watch The Best Yes webcast tonight! Lysa has a great message and some very special guests. I’m so over the top excited about this, I don’t think I will sleep the night before! (check in later to see if I got any sleep or not!)

And finally~ if all this isn’t good enough…guess what our next Online Bible Study will be?  Yep, you guessed it! The Best Yes! And you can sign up NOW! Go ahead! Visit the P31 OBS page for details. Sign ups are there! We think this will be our biggest and best OBS ever. (Ok, so I always say that! But I think it’s true!) I hope you will join us to be a part of it.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this! And did you know about ALL THE PROCEEDS from this book? ALL of them? Guess who is getting not ONE CENT from the sales of The Best Yes?  Yep, the author, Lysa TerKeurst. She’s giving it all away. You can read about that here.

Well, enjoy ladies! Love you all and hope you have a Best Yes kind of day!

Hey Y’all, let me know if you will be at the webcast or are watching it. And if you are signing up for The Best Yes OBS! I’ll be tweeting it up and Facebooking from the webcast tonight!  #TheBestYes



  1. nancys1128 says:

    I’ll be at a webcast party at the church of a P31 contributor. Taking my 13yo daughter with. Can’t think of a better girls night out!

  2. Gayle Haddock says:

    Hey Melissa!

    I’ll be at the live event tonight! Looking forward to seeing you ladies there! Hope you got some sleep last night, too! :)

  3. CarolAnne says:

    Will be watching tonight! Just got my book yesterday : )

  4. So excited to watch the webcast this afternoon in California!

  5. I will be watching the webcast from my home in Oklahoma! I am so excited to begin this study!

  6. Tina Eubanks says:


    I have gone to the site several times this morning to sign up for the new study, and it will not take it.
    Would you please see if anything is wrong.
    Thanks, Tina

  7. HI Melissa, I agree with Tina, I’ve tried several time to sign up for the study and it will not take. Please let us know! I’m so excited for this study, I got my sampler chaptesr and as I knew it would be they are awesome…can’t wait to get my book.

  8. Kathleen Bennefield says:

    I’ll be there tonight!!! (if I don’t forget!!) The link to sign up says bad address :(