Sep 12

It’s My First Time

I don’t even know how to prepare. How do you prepare for your first time doing something that you know will be really special? But it’s something you really don’t even know what to expect?

I’m going to Israel tomorrow. “Melissa, let that sink in.”

I don’t know if it has. In fact, it hasn’t.


I’ve done what I can.

I have my adapter/converters for electrical appliances.

I have my Apple converter for my computer.

I got my U.S. dollars traded in for shekels.

I’ve packed my suitcase.

But I know there’s more waiting for me.

I have a new journal that I’m going to record my thoughts, insights, and teachings in.

I’m bringing an old Bible from the 90’s that has special meaning to me.

I’m going to be studying the Book of John on this trip.

I’m going with 12 other women who are ready to study God’s Word in the Holy Land expecting big things. And they are all smarter than me. Really they are!

I’ll be walking where Jesus walked.

I have no idea what to expect, but I know it’s big.

And I’ll be blogging my journey.

On a personal note, while I’m super excited to be going on this trip, my family lost someone who we dearly love this weekend. My husband’s dear grandmother, Big Granny, passed away on Friday. Jeff will be heading down to Mississippi for the the funeral and celebration of life on the same day I’ll be leaving for Israel. I want so badly to be with my family during this difficult time, but I also know that Big Granny would want me to go on my trip. It’s still hard and I would treasure your prayers for Jeff and his family.

We leave today. And “Just Melissa” is excited to meet with Jesus. I’ll keep y’all posted along the way.

And did I say that I can’t sit still for very long? 11-12 hour flight? Small price to pay I know, just being honest.

Have you had a “first time” experience recently?  How did you approach it?

***Follow me on Twitter & Instagram, @MelissaRTaylor for updates and Periscopes during my Holy Land Trip. As long as I have service, I’ll be logging my trip.




  1. That’s so exciting Melissa! I read a blog from Annie F. Downs about how she just came back from Israel and she still is blown away and can’t put into words what all it means. :)
    I hope you have a wonderful experience. That Jesus meets you there. I can imagine how humbling it is to know He walked and taught in an area that you are standing in. How cool for the scriptures to come alive like that!
    I have you on my calendar to pray for! :)
    I know kind of the nervousness/excitement you feel. Last year I signed up to go to Kenya for 10 days on a construction/mission trip. The thing was I was meeting the group in the Kenyan airport. That means flying from Louisiana to London to Kenya by myself. I wasn’t really worried(everyone else was). There was this peace that can only come from God as I traveled. I knew that if I didn’t make it back, it would all still be worth it! God carried me through. I had the best time. Even being sick over half the trip, I still loved it!
    I know you’ll love it! Enjoy! Don’t forget to walk around the plane, do your chair exercises(stretch it out!), and sleep when you can! May God bless y’all and be present on this trip like never before!

  2. Wonderful – so excited for you – would love to be there with you guys

  3. What a mighty God we serve! Just thonk you will be walking out parts of his son’s life. I know that Big Granny will be right there with you and with Jeff. As you begin this trip know that there are many praying for you all. Many of us will be impatiently waiting for your blogs. You my sweet friend are as smart as anyone and you have God with you. Enjoy some Melissa and God time! Come home on fire for the Lord and loving Melissa.

  4. My first time experience recently was having a empty nest.
    The week leading up to my daughters leaving was crammed with a new job and long hours. My sons were already gone (one in college and one has moved out and is working). We dropped our youngest off on a rainy Thursday, then on Sunday we said goodbye to our older daughter. As I headed home I was so excited for what God had planned for all of us; yet sad to see a chapter coming to a close.

  5. What a beautiful trip you’re taking wish I could go in your suitcase. Enjoy your days walking with Jesus. Share many pictures and God bless your family as you go and in that time of need.

  6. I’m excited for you and the group. May God’s grace be with you all as you travel and honor Him. Praying for Jeff and family as the celebrate Granny’s life. Love you my sister.

  7. Melissa – I’m so sorry for the lose of your husbands grandmother, Big Granny (that’s what I called one of my grandmothers too!) I know that your heart longs to be with your family. I will be praying for them this week and for all of you as you travel, study and experience all that God has for you!

    May you return from your trip with a deeper understanding of His love for “just Melissa”!

  8. Wendy Ledford says:

    Hi Melsa, praying for you and the group you will be with on your trip. (& also Jeff and family as they celebrate his grandma’s life) I will start following u on Twitter too. My parents are going to Israel in October! I pray God will put extra angels around you all as you go to experience where Jesus walked & all He wants to reveal to you on this journey. Gods timing is perfect, I’ve seen Him faithful in that my entire life! ? Thanks for sharing this with us…and I also wanted to say that “Just Melissa” is my favorite part of knowing you…since I met you through my sis (Robin Thoem Rohrbach) too many years ago to count! I always think of you as “Melsa”, the beautiful, funny, loving girl who loves her friends, loves her family & loves her God & savior!?? (not to mention Robin’s beautiful “matron of honor” ?) Have a wonderful trip & may God bless you & keep you in the palm of His hand! Can’t wait to see how He shows himself to you! Luv ya girl! Xoxoxo.
    PS. Those hours on the plane will fly! (Lol) sleep, watch movies, listen to music, write in your journal, get up & talk to the f/a’s, read, get up & walk around the plane a bit whenever u get restless. (I flew for delta for 15 years …bring a travel pillow, a warm cardigan sweater, Tylenol pm, ask for earplugs, use an eyecover mask & drink bottled h2o! :-) ?

  9. Praying for you! I can’t wait to hear the stories you all return with! Get ready to see God’s fingerprints!!!

  10. Michele Nichols says:

    I have downloaded Periscope in anticipation of seeing bits of the trip. Prayers for safety and insight… I know it will be amazing. I would love to make that trip but I’m a travel weenie…. I barely made the 3+ hour flight to Boston this summer. So I really do know what you mean about the flight… I am praying extra prayers for you for that portion of the trip. May y’all all be touched so deeply by Gods word as you stand on holy ground!!!! ?

  11. Erin Peters says:

    Oh my friend, I’m so excited for you and what God is going to show you on this journey! I will be praying for a spiritual journey that surpassed anything you could have ever dreamed of. May God grant you safe travels as well.

  12. Lisa Lagalo says:

    Praying for your family as they prepare to celebrate Grandma’s life and also praying for you as you embark on your journey. What a privelege to get to see part of the bible come to life in the place it happened. I can’t imagine how close to CHRIST you will feel and the ways he will open your heart. Have a great trip, use your long flight as a chance to prepare your heart for what will follow. Sweet blessings to you and your family

  13. My prayers are lifting you in safety in traveling and with your husband and family on loosing a loved one. I to am preparing for a first time but not as amazing as your trip but I’m excited and have a new journal to record all my new knowledge and experiencing God in this new season of my life. Melissa just stop it right now in putting yourself down! You are an amazingly smart woman and I’ve watched you grow in the last three years on OBS. Don’t allow those lies in your thinking. You have an amazing gift of compassion, perseverance and love through your transparency that touches hearts as you touched mine years ago. May God bless and enrich this new season of your life with Him and the other Sisters in Christ’s as He reignites your hearts in Him. You are a mighty warrior of Christ Jesus! Hugs, blessings and prayers to all!

  14. Have fun! Prayers for safe travel and many blessings for you all !

  15. Adventures abound for you, very excited to follow your blog during your trip. P31 has carried me through some emotionally troubled times with online Bible studies, stories of faith and encouragement. I was invited to join a small at home study group through a friend, I have since starting attending services at their church. My life has changed so dramatically over the past year, but the seeds were planted years before by P31. Love all of you, praying for a safe trip, and that you may receive the blessings of Jesus as you walk in the land where he once walked.
    Peace and Grace.

  16. Melissa Chambers says:

    Excited for you! Praying for Jeff and your family and for your trip. I know God has big plans for you Melissa and I can’t wait to walk this journey with you and hear even more when you get back! Go be “just” Melissa, the daughter of the most High!

  17. Melissa :)
    You are going to be so blessed. My husband and I just got back from Africa. Never been out of the country, not sure what to expect of anything. Just trust God. I had to just Trust. HE planned it, so I just needed faith, trust and a willing spirit. HE US SO FAITHFUL!! Have a wonderful time with your Precious Saviour. I will be praying for YOU ! hugs :)
    Pam W

  18. I am so excited for you! I am the same way about sitting still, ugh! But keep thinking of where you are going and keep praying and I think the time will pass quickly for you. I will pray for your hubby and family. Looking forward to your thoughts during this special trip! Whenever I have done/been involved in a “first time” event, I always find that telling people “this is my first time” really brings out good stories : ) Did you realize you are going there during their New Year? Maybe you will hear/see the ram’s horn being blown! xo

  19. Hi Melissa,
    I just sent prayers up for you, your family and your group. I am excited for you for the opportunity of a lifetime – to walk where Jesus walked. Several years ago my son visited Israel and was baptized in the Jordon River. I pray for the opportunity. May God bless and keep you all.

  20. Let the Lord lead, how exciting, I’ll keep an eye out for your updates. My first time making Raspberry Jam today, I prayed before I started, really! And, it looks like it worked…
    Safe passage….?

  21. So excited for you Melissa and love we can share your journey through your blog. Have a fun worshipful time. Praying for you. HUGS!

  22. Just prayed for you Melissa and by now your feet are on holy ground.

  23. Janelle Mode says:

    I went to Israel a couple of years ago…and the way I can best describe my experience is that it turned my black and white Bible in to living color! You will never be the same again…enjoy and drink it in!


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