Mar 31

I Quit Blogging~ but I didn’t want to! {FYI: Giveaway}

MelissaAndNickiLaughingOBSHello to any blog readers I may still have out there. My name is Melissa, the inconsistent blogger.

After I went to Israel in September 2015, I decided I’d start blogging again. And I did for a little bit. The truth is, I wanted to blog. I love writing from my heart and this is the place I get to do that. So … why did I quit? Ahhh! I get so frustrated with myself because I don’t have a good answer to that question!

This year, I’ve actually followed through with more things than I have in year’s past. (Pat myself on the back and thank you very much. Y’all clap.) Here are three areas I’ve managed to be consistent in:

  • Quiet Time
  • Weight Watchers
  • Exercise

All three of these areas have been areas where I’ve struggled in the past. I start strong but somewhere along the journey, I get weak and quit … temporarily. Then a few months later, I start again.

One thing I have to say that I like about myself. I might quit, but I don’t give up. I try again. And each time I say I want THIS to be THE REAL time I actually follow through. And I mean it! I think.

While the three areas I’ve listed above I’ve managed to keep going this year, I’ve learned I can’t get comfortable. It’s easy to quit. Like I’ve done with blogging. I started blogging again briefly. Then I quit. But I didn’t want to.

So, why if we say we really want to do something and we know it’s good for us, do we not keep doing it?

(Notice I’ve pulled you into this with me by saying “we” ~ haha ^^^^^)

How perfect that the next Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study is about becoming a woman who doesn’t quit! And even better it’s by my good friend and ministry partner, Nicki Koziarz! Whoop whoop! (That’s us in the picture above.)2016_OBS_5Habits_PreStudy_Square1-02


I’m so excited about this study! Y’all this book is GOOD! Even though I don’t necessarily consider myself a quitter, I’m also not a finisher.  5 habits, 5 weeks, committed leaders, an active community, and Bible study learning from the book of Ruth. This is going to be a great book and study. And I would love for you to do this with me.

While I am a Proverbs 31 OBS leader and director, I’m also a participant. I have a lot to learn in this area and I’m thankful to have the OBS community to do this with.

Would any of you like to join me? I so wish you would! If so, we can go through the study together over on the #P31OBS blog and also talk about it here. I know I could use the support and accountability, how about you?

If you’d like to sign up, click here. Sign up is free. For the study all you need to do is get the book. The study begins April 18.

And just for fun, I’m giving away two 5 Habits books! Leave a comment in this post and you’ll be entered to win. You have until 5:00 p.m. ET Sunday, April 3 to enter. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, April 4!

Let me know if you sign up and while you are at it, invite a friend too! Together, let’s become women who follow through by choosing what we want most over what we want now.

I hope you’ll join me!  :)



  1. I like how this study and Psalm can be applied to whichever 3 things we each can list as individual women, all seeking and striving for the path of endurance and perseverance to continue stretching our far before us! We can reach the end of our races with confidence in each stride knowing where our power comes from. Our great God.

  2. I am SO excited about this study! I followed you on Instagram as you were going through the writing process. I have a very hard time following through on things. I am an awesome planner though! lol. Can’t wait for some awesome insight on how to help me get it together!

    • I’ve been recovering from some health issues and many things for awhile now. The devil doesn’t quit.
      I can’t either??

  3. Robin Puchala says:

    Alright, if we’re getting honest here, I have struggled with this issue my whole life. Daily To Do Lists, weight loss to name a few have wound up in the “To Do Later” pile; but, like you Melissa, I don’t give up I just quit temporarily. Ii just want to be more consistent — creative personality or not! And I’d like my daughter to join me, so that is who the book would go to!

  4. Chalaina says:

    Reading this blog post and then all these comments…I am not alone! Must just be life. I get started on something and then get distracted or something happens or I just have no more confidence in myself (blogging) that I stop whatever it was that I was doing. Like you, there are a couple of areas where I am more consistent, but I long to be better in them all. Sounds like this will be a good, and much needed, study.

  5. Nicci Ramirez says:

    Yep I need this study and I am signed up!!!!!

  6. This is exactly what I need in my life. I suck when it comes to making good habits.

  7. Wendy Brown says:

    I’m can’t wait until April 18th!!!!

  8. I agree with you on the area of blogging, I want to do it, but I end up quitting and then starting again….and again….and again! It’s not that I want to, I just let other things take over my time and then I find that I have lost my “creative juice” and feel like I have nothing to say!!! So then it gets harder to start back up! God is good and He gives us such grace!!! I am looking forward to this study!

  9. Brandy Newton says:

    I’m so looking forward to this study. I have lots to learn in this area.

  10. I struggle with this a lot. I know I should be doing something and I can even enjoy doing it. I will start doing something (I keep saying something because it applies to various habits and activities that I have tried) and can handle it for a few weeks, and then I quit without a good reason. I lack motivation to do what I know I should do!

  11. Looking forward to this study. This book looks like it will help me. It’s an area I already was working on. Love Gods timing

  12. I am a quitter and need this study!!!! I have already signed up. I love OBS!! i have learned so much and want to learn even more.

  13. Cindy Wise says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this book and so excited about the study. I’m with Melissa. I don’t consider myself a quitter but don’t always finish haha! Looking forward to 4/18!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Not sure if I’ve already left a comment on here so here I go again lol. I’m so excited about the new study coming up! I need a boost on something in my life I don’t want to give up on

  15. Diane Weiser says:

    I wasn’t going to sign up for this study because I have the tendency to sign up and then never finish. Lol. After reading this blog and other comments, I can see that I’m not alone. I need this so I’m signing up now and I’m going to learn the “5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit!”

  16. Silvia Alas says:

    I am so looking forward to the Bible Study! I’ve signed up and registered for a small group.. BUT haven’t ordered the book yet! It would be a blessing to win a copy! ?

  17. Thank you Melissa for bringing up the start-stop syndrome. I too have s-ss. I am excited for this Bible study and all that God is speaking to me thru it!

  18. Already signed up for study and can’t wait! While I already have the materials for the study, I’d love to win and share the book with a friend and invite her to study with me!

  19. brenda stover says:

    I need this study but a friend got me the book…i need accountability also so i will try to be here. ( if i dont lose the blog). I will pray and go through it with you…?

  20. This would be very helpful! Would love to win a copy of the book! :)

  21. I want to have a plan. I love things completed. I lose my way in the middle and become overwhelmed and don’t follow through. I am so looking forward to this bible study. I can see that I am not alone. I am already signed up.

  22. Kelly Lidik says:

    I am praying about committing to this study. It seems especially timely since I am about ready to throw in the towel. I haven’t done a proverbs 31 study yet. Thank-you for the opportunity and giveaway!

  23. Donna M. Miller says:

    I am looking forward to this Study! I like how you said “Even though I don’t necessarily consider myself a quitter, I’m also not a finisher”… That is so me! Looking forward to April 18!!! )

  24. I would love to be part of this. I am signing up now. Would also love to get the book, so I can follow along

  25. I am am obs believer. The study on The Mended Heart changed my life. Just finished Bible Study girl. Great nuggets to apply in my life. My struggle is my weight. I start well but never finish. Your words of encouragement give me hope. Looking forward to this new study. Been working through them on my own. Could I be brave enough to join a Bible study group this time!?! His will His way His timing.

    • Cathy~
      Small Group registration begins April 8, look for the details on the blog that day. Groups fill up fast, so make sure to sign up soon after it opens. I think you would love a small group. Our leaders are so sweet and caring. They are also there to help support, lead and encourage you. Thanks for your comment today!

  26. This sounds just like me! I’ve signed up for studies before and not followed through with them so this sounds like exactly the study where I need to change that habit! I am signing up for it today!

  27. Sounds like a great Bible Study!

  28. I’m so excited about this study!! It’s perfect for me!

  29. Allison Barteet says:

    Could not come at a more appropriate time in my life! #Godisgood. Looking forward to this!!!!

  30. Hope to be able to have the money to buy the book and join you all this time! As a busy mom of 5 boys and 1 girl….and homeschooling…well life is busy and I know there are things I KNOW i need to be more consistent in. Love your enthusiasm! TY for your encouragement! I too love to blog but dont spend enough time doing what I love!

  31. I could use some motivation to not quit. Feeling like I have slid into low motivation time of life. Keep trying to get going again but has been very hard. Still praying for help in this area. Next stop, sign up for this study!

  32. This sounds great!

  33. Oh I NEED to do this study!!! I am so bad at not finishing the things I start!!! I would love the book, and I am going to sign up for the study!!!

  34. Yay!!!!! I LOVE this book and I can’t wait for the OBS to start!!! Woohoo!!!!

    Melissa ~ you and Nicki rock, along with all the other OBSers!!!

    I’m all signed up and ready!!!

    God Bless,


  35. I would love to win this book. I am thinking about signing up for this bible study. I have been struggled with start and stop situations. I would love to benefit from this study and this book too. Thank you for all you do for all the womens who need the bible study and the lessons that you provided on the proverbs 31 online bible study.

  36. Looking forward to the study. P31Obs studies always meet me where I’m at. There are a few things that I’m not being consistent at that id love to be. So hoping this study will give me that kick I need. Lol

  37. Julie Hey says:

    You are a hoot?
    I am so with you on the starts and stops!
    I am ready to finish those things God is ready for me to finish and put the other things aside until He calls me to those.
    Here we go…
    Happy weekend. Blessings julie

  38. Kathleen says:

    I so need this bible study. I know it will be good. I need to be more consistent and not quit.

  39. Morgan Massey says:

    Ahh, I would just love to win a copy! I’m a pre-quitter…I often won’t even start a project because I already know I will quit before I finish. Mama needs some guidance! I’m pregnant now with my second & I KNOW there are some things I need to get done before he arrives. (Here, baby, sleep in this dresser drawer because I never got your nursery ready!) My best friend heard the author on the radio & we have been chatting about the whole idea ever since!

  40. Hi Melissa,
    I am really happy that this is our new bible study. I am great at following through at work every day. Where I struggle is at home. It’s as simple as exercising and cooking dinner consistently and being a thoughtful wife. I participated in the unglued study, becoming more, and currently I am reading The Best Yes. I have learned so much about myself and how allowing God to be the decider in my life brings you true peace. Can’t wait for your 5 habits!

  41. Melissa,

    I am proud of your commitment to follow Gods plan for yourself. You are an amazing woman after Gods heart. This Bible study sounds wonderful!??

    Blessings and love in Christ,

  42. I am SO ready for this study! Let’s not quit… together! :)

  43. I want in!!! I need to quit quitting!!!

  44. This is what I need! I can’t wait for this study to start!!!

  45. Rebekah Tippett says:

    I’m so excited to start this study! I hope it prepares me even more for my upcoming marriage.

  46. Midnightsalty says:

    Looking forward to April 18!! I love the book of Ruth and I am admitting that I have always had a hard time sticking with several things! I NEED this study! I signed up and I’m ready to get started! I am praying for this study and those getting ready to begin! I need to get my life back on track!
    Thank you!

  47. Michelle says:

    This month is going to be very challanging for me and my family. I will admit that I have already thought about quiting everything and hiding in my room for the next 30 days, but just signing up for this bible study has reminded me that God is with us in all things. I can’t wait to get started.

  48. Melody Bernard says:

    I totally get this & I’m so the same way!! I love running & exercising, I’ll get a good handle on it, & before I know it, I’ve taken a 2-3 hiatus before I start up again! I’m also working on ‘quiet time’ aka Bible/God time. It can very challenging as I have 6 kids & a hubby to tend to, but like you, I’ve never given up. My late, beautiful father always said growing up ‘that we NEVER give up, no matter what’. And I keep that tucked in the back of my mind every day & pull out when I need reminder. So glad I’m not the only woman who feels this way!! Thank you for your inspiration!

  49. Debbie Kirk says:

    Would like to have this book. Thank you

  50. CarolAnne says:

    Love the Book of Ruth and want to be able to -finish- different projects around the house, so have signed up & got my book. Thanks, Melissa, for telling us about your stop/start issue, never thought of it like that, just usually put myself down a bit, when I look at what isn’t finished yet! See you April 18th xo