Jun 28

SLL Week 12, Day 5~ Study Wrap Up

Twelve weeks ago, we began this journey to Stressed-Less Living. Some of us living crazy, chaotic, frenzied lives. Most of us in need of peace.

Twelve weeks ago, Jesus could have said to me, “Melissa, Melissa, you are worried about many things, but only one thing is needed. You can choose better.” (Could you have inserted your name in those blanks, as well?)

Hopefully by now, things have changed a bit! They have for me, and I’m so thankful! Not only have I learned so much from Tracie Miles in Stressed-Less Living, but I’ve also learned a lot from you. Yes, you!

This Bible Study would never be as good as it is without you. When we come together to learn and study God’s Word, great things happen. We have each other to lean on, learn from, be encouraged by, pray with, and depend on. On days I wasn’t quite sure if I could really trust God with life’s circumstances, all I had to do was come here and be with my sisters. It was no time at all before I was reminded who I am in Christ.

As we close the pages of Stressed-Less Living, let’s make sure we don’t close the pages of our Bibles or our hearts. Keep close to God and allow your heart to remain open to what He offers you. He’s got you in the palm of His hands, ya know?

Where were you twelve weeks ago? Where are you today? Please share in the comment section below how this Online Bible Study has impacted your life.

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A Personal Message from Me (& winner announced)

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Have a great weekend!

Jun 27

SLL Week 12, Day 4 ~ Stressed-Less Living Blog Hop!

This is our LAST Blog Hop for the Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study! We have LOVED getting to read how God has impacted your life through this book. We hope you’ll join us for our next round of Blog Hops when we begin our next study. You can sign up to the right.

1.  One Thing. “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42 Even if you do not have a Blog, we invite you to map this verse and see what God shares with you!

2.  Priority Shift. Life a bit “too busy” for quiet time with Jesus? We’ve all been there. How do you keep Christ a priority in your daily life? What encouragement can you share with others who are struggling?

3.  #StressedLess. What is the biggest, most life-changing lesson you have learned from Tracie’s book and this online study? Why would you recommend this book to your friends and family?

4.  #Blessed. Alright ladies, this is your last chance to share your #Blessed list with us. We hope that even though this study is over, you will continue searching for His blessings each day.

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Yours in Christ,

Heather Bleier

OBS Executive Team

Jun 26

SLL Week 12, Day 3~ Real Life

Around here we are all about, Real Hope for Real Life. What exactly does that mean?

  • It means you can be yourself.
  • You can trust us here.
  • We aren’t going to sugar coat or pretend.
  • We aren’t going to be fake. There’s enough of that in the world already!
  • And we aren’t going to lead you down a path that has a dead end.
  • We understand that life has its ups and downs. And we can talk about the truth of it all.
  • It means that in this community your are welcomed, loved, and appreciated…where you are, for who you are, and how you are.

The NIV Real Life Devotional Bible for Women was written for women like us. Let me tell you why~

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*This week’s Blog Hop Topics can be found in this post.
*This week’s prize package (A Real Life Devotional Bible, 2 Yes to God books, and a $15 giftcard to Starbucks) will be awarded on Friday. Leave a comment for your chance to win!

Thanks for joining me today! Hope you are having a dynamic week! :)