Jul 9

Real Life Heart to Heart Connections

FYI~ This post is long but so worth your time. Please read it, I’m begging you. :)

Good Morning! Ladies, do I have something to tell you today! What If We Were Real and had some time together where we got Stronger…Experienced new Freedom…And left feeling like an Overcomer? (Note: the blue words are a clue)

We can through do all this together through Real Life Heart to Heart Connections.

One of my very favorite parts of OBS is what we are now calling Real Life Heart to Heart Connections. “What is Real Life Heart to Heart Connections?” you might ask? Read on True Beauties and your Shackles just may fall off. (more clues)

Real Life Heart to Heart Connections~

Real Life~ Around here we keep it real. We share real life where there is no need to put up a front or pretend to be perfect. Let’s face it, we all need somewhere that we can go where we don’t have to worry what anyone else thinks about us. We can be ourselves and be loved for that.

Heart to Heart Connections~ When real life happens, you can open up and share straight from your heart, holding nothing back. Talk about the tough stuff. Share the special moments. Laugh together. Cry together. Pray together. Connect on a deeper level.

Real Life + Heart to Heart= Real Life Heart to Heart Connections

Real Life Heart to Heart Connections is an interactive conference call series where we can connect as a group. It’s the next best thing to being together in person!

We will have 3 Real Life Heart to Heart Connection calls (that are better than American Idol) during our Yes to God Online Bible Study. (another clue) During these 30-minute phone conversations, we will discuss a topic that goes along with our study (see topics below). Then, we will have a special guest join the conversation. Our special guests in our next series range from the girl next door, to a world-famous author, to a Grammy-nominated musical artist. During the conversations, you will gain practical and spiritual take-aways to begin applying to your life immediately.

 Don’t take my word for it~

Read what these past call participants had to say:

Amy: I must express how awesome it was to spend time with God and with other godly women. I came into this conference call stressed with a bad headache. When I hung up, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. How amazing! 

Debbie: The calls are like icing on the cake for me. I love the studies and love all my group work; they are the cake, but when there is a conference call, I stop and listen and then I usually listen again. They add so much to the studies, and Melissa always has something special to add that blesses your heart; her prayers, her devotion and her instruction bless me each time we have a conference call. I would not miss them!

Lori: Conference calls with these ladies bring reality to our study. You can hear their voices, and you can feel their pain and joy as they share with us. I feel like we are friends, and never want the call to end. When I share from the call I say “my friend told me”… But, the best part is that we can go back and listen to them again and again; it’s not just a one time call.

Charlotte: I never signed up for the conference calls because I thought, “What could being on a call with 100’s of other people really bring me”? Reluctantly, I signed up. The very first call I was on, and the first question asked, was was an issue I had been dealing with and praying about. I felt I had received an answer in prayer, and God used that call as confirmation of His response. It is also so warming and adds such a feeling of familiarity to hear everyone’s voice and tones during the calls versus only seeing their typing. After my first conference call, it was amazing how I started reading the blogs and hearing the leaders voices in them.


Real Life Heart to Heart:  Yes to God

  • Call 1 ~ How to Hear God’s Voice: Discern the difference between God’s voice and your thoughts.  August 5, 2013, 8 pm EST. (The call will be recorded, MP3 available.)

Special Guest: Samantha Reed Evilsizer, Assistant Editor of P31 Encouragement for Today daily devotions, P31 Social Media Coordinator, and transformed “Yes” girl. We will hear from Sam how a ‘year of yes’ changed her life forever.

Samantha R Evilsizer Yes to God


Visit Samantha on her blog where she shares her heart through heart warming writings about her life and Jesus.


  • Call 2 ~ You Never Know: God’s Vision for Your Life…Don’t Say No.  Date to be determined. (Call will be recorded, MP3 available.)

Special Guest Host: Lysa TerKeurst, NY Times Bestselling author and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Lysa will be hosting this call as she “interviews” P31 OBS Director, Melissa Taylor (me :) ), and shares her Yes to God heart with us. Saying “yes” to God can be the beginning of God’s vision becoming a reality in your life.

Lysa TerKeurst Yes to God

Get to know Lysa by visiting her website. Just click here. She’s awesome.

  • Call 3 ~ Radically Obedient, Radically Blessed: Ready, Set, Go! Date to be determined. (The call will be recorded, MP3 will be available.)

Special Guest: Hmmmm. Who could it be? Did you get my clues throughout this post that were written in blue? If you did, then you know who our 3rd special guest is, and I’m so stinkin’ excited I could SCREAM!!! That’s right, it’s Grammy-nominated, Americal Idol finalist, Christian recording artist, Mandisa! 

Mandisa Real

Top of the mornin’ to you ‘Disa! You can read all about Mandisa and how she is real just like us! Her music and her life are so inspiring. Her songs are the types of songs you can see yourself in and identify with on a personal level. Check out her story, music, and tour dates on her website.


Sign up for the Real Life Heart to Heart Connections here.


To participate in these calls (which are all recorded and available to download or listen via computer or phone), you must sign up and pay a fee. The cost of the Real Life Heart to Heart Connections call series is $19.97 (this includes all 3 calls). This cost helps Proverbs 31 pay for the ongoing staff time that goes into the planning, preparing, and follow-up for each call.

There is limited space on our call line, so don’t wait to sign up! This is looking like it’s going to be our best call series yet! I know I can’t wait, and I don’t want anyone to miss it! Your money back if you are not completely satisfied.

Real Life Heart to Heart Connections Super Prize Package Give-Away~3 winners!

To honor our Real Life Heart to Heart special guests, our give away today is all about them. And it’s good. Our 3 winners will each receive:

1. What if We Were Real CD by Mandisa featuring Good Morning and the #1 hit Stronger!

Mandisa Real CD



2. Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst, NY Times Bestseller

Unglued book

3. Devotions for Everyday Life by Samantha Evilsizer, Lysa TerKeurst, Renee Swope & the P31 Team

Released September 24, 2013. Winners will receive copies of this when it is releases later this year.


Contest Rules:  You MUST follow these :)

  1. You must be signed up for the What Happens When Women Say Yes to God OBS. (You can sign up in the right column of my blog.)
  2. Visit this link and find the “Two ways to join in.” Write them both in the comment section of today’s blog post.
  3. Also in the comment section, list the 3 special guests in our Real Life Heart to Heart Connections: Yes to God series.

If you are still with me, God bless you for being patient and reading ALL of the details. Must enter by 10 pm EST Wednesday, July 10th. There will be 3 winners, and they will be announced Thursday, July 11th.

Sign up for Real Life Heart to Heart Connections here.

Winners from Sunday’s post~

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God book and participant’s guide winners are:
Melani, email beginning namesiv
Dana Stephens, email beginning Dlstephens76
Beverly, email beginning beverlywasson
Tricia, email beginning tlcarson8
Charolette Ragsdale, email beginning charoletteragsdale
Yasmin, email beginning ychall20

Grand Prize, Bible and Book:

Maegan, email beginning maegan.y.devore

Congrats to our winners! Please email Angie, OBS Executive Assistant at Angie@Proverbs31.org with your mailing address and the prize you have won.

Jul 3

Let’s Go Shopping!

Our next OBS book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, can be found at the Proverbs 31 Bookstore. NY Times Bestselling Author, Lysa TerKeurst is signing the first 3000 books purchased from Proverbs 31. That’s a great reason to purchase from Proverbs 31 Ministries! Wanna know another good reason? Here’s Stephanie Clayton from the P31 OBS Team to share a few reasons of her own~

Before I became involved with Proverbs 31, I bought the majority of my books from wherever I could find them the cheapest. And let me tell you, as a once in a while contributor and huge fan of the Krazy Coupon Lady, saving a dollar or two means a lot to me. Just ask my husband who has to endure the checkout experience as I overwhelm the checker with my piles and stacks of money saving coupons! However, after I learned a bit more about Proverbs 31, I try to order all my resources and books from them. Why? Because when you buy from Proverbs 31 Ministries you are supporting the amazing ministry that supports women like us around the world. And not only that, they have an amazing selection. There is even a clearance tab! And if you know me, you know I live for clearance sales!

In fact, I found an amazing bargain just today! The book Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad by Shari Braendel is on clearance in the Proverbs shop! It’s half-price! Wow! What a great add on to your cart the next time you make a purchase.

Not to mention you can purchase each and every book you will ever need for Online Bible Study through the Proverbs 31 Store. You can even purchase the most important book of all time – The Bible! Here is the link to the new NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible For Women filled with daily devotions written by the P31 Team! And the Bible is 20% off through July 5th!

If you can’t already tell, I am passionate about all things Proverbs 31. Just a few years back I was thick in a battle with depression and trying to overcome some deep hurt and pain of my past. I remember reading the P31 Encouragement for Today devotions during this time. The Lord used these devotions to lift me up close enough to Him so that I could stand…even if it just meant standing for a moment. If I can, if we can, support them by purchasing books we are already going to purchase anyway, well that’s just double the blessings.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your passion for Proverbs 31 Ministries!

To order your signed copy of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, click here.

Sign up for the next Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study in the top right column of this blog.

Visit my co-leader of the Yes to God OBS, Nicki Koziarz ,today for your chance to win a great prize package!

Jun 29

SLL Week 12 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

Isaiah 41:10

I admit, when I began this journey, I wasn’t really sure I needed to be studying how to have less stress in my life.  I didn’t feel stressed.  But over the last 12 weeks, thanks to the Tracie Miles, the Online Bible Studies leaders, and especially the Holy Spirit, I have recognized that I have been missing out on a peace that only God can give.  My spirit was stressed because I wasn’t living the “number one key to the stressed-less life”.  I wasn’t keeping my heart in step with Jesus, and, truly, that is the answer to everything isn’t it?

The good news is that Jesus is with us–even when we aren’t paying attention.  That means that at any given time we can stop and refocus on Him.  Sometimes I have to do that frequently throughout the day.  I am thankful that He has surrounded me with friends that remind me to do this.  Sometimes it is through their actions; sometimes it is because of a wise word; others it is just because they were close.  Many of those friends have become friends because of these Bible studies.

Ladies, just because this study is coming to an end, don’t let go of the things you have gained from it.  Keep those Bible verses fresh in your mind–you can find many of them on our Pinterest page.  Stay in God’s word–it really is our only lifeline; not only to peace, but to a life of meaning.  I think my biggest take away from this study is “if the devil can’t hinder our relationship with God by making us immoral, he’ll simply make us to busy”.  Don’t be too busy to spend time with Him.  Don’t be too busy to see the beauty He has surrounded you with.  Don’t be too busy to cultivate the relationships He has blessed you with.  And don’t be to busy to share Him with others.

This isn’t goodbye, just a “see you soon”.  We will all be back for our next study, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, beginning July 28th, and we hope you will be too!

Until then,
Ginny Blankenship

Would you like someone to pray with you?  Share your prayer in the comments section and a member of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor team will lift you up in prayer.  We love to rejoice with you, as well, so feel free to share praises with us too!