Jul 20

A Bittersweet Move

A little over two years ago, I started Online Bible Studies on my blog, but before that this space was just my blog.  A place where I invited ladies into my life and we would just share life experiences. It was casual, but I did have a purpose in mind. From the beginning, I wanted every person who visited me on my blog, to leave with hope.

Monday, July 22,2013, Online Bible Studies will be moving off of my blog. OBS has a beautiful new home with all the bells and whistles over on the Proverbs 31 Website. I am so excited about this move. What started with small beginnings has evolved into a world-wide gathering of women. We’ve had 92,000 sign ups on OBS in just a little over two years. I’m so proud of this. Not in a boastful way. I’m bragging on the Lord. He is amazing.

And I’m proud of you too. Because you have committed to study the Bible through life changing topical Bible study books, a one of a kind community has formed. It wouldn’t and couldn’t have happened without you.  Thank you. I love you. I pray for you. And I’m so blessed that I get to do life with you, my Bible study group.

We’ve always kept it real around here, so why stop now. While recording my “farewell” video, life got crazy.(kids,dogs, photo bomb.Need I say more?) I could and probably should have done this over. But we’re all friends, right?

Moving Forward:

Online Bible Studies will be saying good-bye to this home, but Melissa Taylor will not. For the next month, I’ll be working to update this site where I will return to blogging regularly about life’s happenings and God’s hope and goodness again. I want to invite you all to come back and visit real soon.

If you are signed up for What Happens When Women Say Yes to God (meaning you filled out the form in the right column of this blog) then you will receive Proverbs 31 OBS updates directly to your email. Or you can go directly to the new OBS site here:  http://proverbs31.org/online-bible-studies/.

Would you leave me a message today? Maybe just a prayer, encouraging words, or what Online Bible Studies has meant to you. That would mean a lot to me.

Hope to see all of you at our new home and I look forward to some personal visits from you back here as well.

Love & Blessings!


Winner of the Lysa TerKeurst Prize Pack:

Becky Prince, email beginning becky_prince24

Jul 18

Calling All Yes Girls!

Calling All Yes Girls From Around the World!
It’s rare that we get to meet face to face, although on some occasions I’ve had the privilege of meeting and hugging my OBS sisters in person (even one from Australia~Hello my Aussie friend Nicki!).  But if we are going to be spending six powerful, potentially life changing weeks together, I think we should get to know each other as well as we can.
I may never meet you in person, but I would LOVE to see your face.
We want to SEE you. We would be super honored and overjoyed if you would email us your picture. Here’s what we want you to do:

1. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says where you are from (Make sure we can see your Country or State on your sign).  If you have your Yes to God book, have that in your picture too, but we most especially want to see where you are from in the picture. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, we just want to see you!

2. Email your picture to: obsphoto@proverbs31.org.   

3. In the subject line write: Your Name from Where you are from.  Examples:  Melissa from North Carolina, USA.  Nicki from Australia

You just may see yourself on our P31 OBS blog one day!

(By emailing us your picture, you give Proverbs 31 Ministries the right to use your picture for Online Bible Study promotions and events.)


We have some beautiful and awesome ladies in our Yes to God OBS?  Keep sending in your pics! I LOVE seeing your sweet faces from all over the world!

Our P31 OBS team has been praying for you. We can’t wait to begin this study with you and watch God do His work in all of our lives. You matter. I hope you hear that loud and clear. You matter to God. And you matter to this Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study.See you soon!

Leave a comment  that says, “I’m saying ‘yes’ to God because I’m worth it!” and you will be entered to win a Lysa TerKeurst prize package including What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, the Yes to God Real Life Connection CallsUnglued, and the Unglued Devotional!
If that’s not enough, pop over to OBS Team Member, Linda Kuhar’s blog. She has a give away going on too that you can enter in!
And don’t forget to send us a picture of yourself following the instructions given above.
I’m Saying Yes to God Because I’m Worth It,
Here are a few ladies that have already sent their pics in:
Yes to God pics from world
Yes to God World pics 2
Yes to God world pics 6
Yes to God World pics 1
Yes to God world pics 3
Yes to God world pics 5
Yes to God world pics 7
Yes to God World pics 8
Yes to God world pics 9
Yes to God world pics 8
yes to God world pics 10
Jul 17

Real Life Connections

I love the prayer piece we’ve added to our Yes to God Real Life Connection Calls. Makes it more personal. I can’t wait to connect with so many “Yes Girls!”

Real Life, Heart to Heart Connections (formerly known as the conference call series)~ You will be personally challenged and encouraged on these calls. We hear of more life change from these calls than any other part of this ministry. Why? Because we get to talk real life, heart to heart. These calls are interactive, giving you the opportunity to share input and ask questions. And we always have a guest who will empower and challenge us.

  • 3 Calls with messages and a special guest who’s story will inspire you (Mandisa, Lysa TerKeurst, Samantha Evilsizer, Melissa Taylor, & Nicki Koziarz)
  • A call midweek for prayer and encouragement from your OBS leader every week of study
  • Each call is recorded so you never miss a thing if you can’t join live. A link to listen or download the call will be sent to you.

Click here to purchase our Real Life, Heart to Heart Connection Calls

Sign up soon! Space is limited!


Read what these past call participants had to say:

Amy: I must express how awesome it was to spend time with God and with other godly women. I came into this conference call stressed with a bad headache. When I hung up, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. How amazing! 

Debbie: The calls are like icing on the cake for me. I love the studies and love all my group work; they are the cake, but when there is a conference call, I stop and listen and then I usually listen again. They add so much to the studies, and Melissa always has something special to add that blesses your heart; her prayers, her devotion and her instruction bless me each time we have a conference call. I would not miss them!

Lori: Conference calls with these ladies bring reality to our study. You can hear their voices, and you can feel their pain and joy as they share with us. I feel like we are friends, and never want the call to end. When I share from the call I say “my friend told me”… But, the best part is that we can go back and listen to them again and again; it’s not just a one time call.

Charlotte: I never signed up for the conference calls because I thought, “What could being on a call with 100’s of other people really bring me”? Reluctantly, I signed up. The very first call I was on, and the first question asked, was an issue I had been dealing with and praying about. I felt I had received an answer in prayer, and God used that call as confirmation of His response. It is also so warming and adds such a feeling of familiarity to hear everyone’s voice and tones during the calls versus only seeing their typing. After my first conference call, it was amazing how I started reading the blogs and hearing the leaders voices in them.